TEKKEN 6 Campaign Mode Screens!

Kotaku has put up new screens showing off the new Campaign Mode for TEKKEN 6! Check out the screens by following the link below:


15 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 Campaign Mode Screens!

  1. 4 weeks to go and I shall be imprisoned in my room playing this awesome awesome game. kekeke! I can’t wait to play practice mode, I’ve been itching to master steve and his new peek a boo lol!

    1. Me too man. Shyt I mite not even go back to skool this semester after Tekken 6 comes out LoL.
      I have 3.5 years of waiting I need to make up for!!!

    1. HAHA gud shyt man. Even though Oct 27 will be the release date I can almost guarantee that there will be plenty of competition online :)

  2. O_o

    I scheduled off of work for the three days after which Tekken comes out, and I convinced my gamestop to do a midnight release so I can go play the game right away at midnight!

    :) It’s so close, I can almost taste it!!!

  3. You people know 10-27-09 is probably the “shipping” date right. Tekken probably won’t be in stores to buy until the 28th. Don’t hate on me.
    I’m just saying…

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