TEKKEN 6 Customization Screens!

Kotaku has put new screens showing off the Customization Mode of TEKKEN 6!  Check ’em out by following the link below:


24 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 Customization Screens!

    1. of course you have unlimited time to do this, in the arcade you can only costimize in the charakter selecting screen where the time runs out. on the consoles it is an extra mode like tekken 5.
      so yeah i like it and cant wait :) i am still play tekken dro ^^

    1. the best way for items is to play the campain mode besides this you can just play the ghost mode (or whatever its called in t6) to earn money.

  1. I wonder if “Increases item drop rate by 60%” means campaign mode is going to be a Diablo-like hunt for rare items or if that just affects the drop rate of health items and such.

  2. Ice cold. this isn’t a place to say hi to PEOPLE. take you comment somewhere else.
    awesome customization screens and interesting theory killbomb, i hope not though. tekken 5 dr customization would be fine.i dont like the new campaign mode. i think fighting games should stick to what they were made for. fighting. :))

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