Street Fighter Bar Fights II!

Gootecks is at it again!  Street Fighter Bar Fights II is happening next week on Sunday, October 11th in sunny Southern California’s city of Pasadena.  The main event will be a grudge match between East coast’s Empire Arcadia and a new team of SoCal players!  If you’re in the area, make sure you stop by!  For more information please visit the link below…


14 thoughts on “Street Fighter Bar Fights II!

  1. MARKMAN, can you Hire ched to work at SD tekken.

    This guy knows how to find some fucking vids man.

    P.S the guy doing the preview doesnt know shit.

    WTF is HIBATSU !?!?! you mean Zaibatsu ???

    1. Don’t you just love when people talk about things they don’t know SHIT! about. Lame#1 ” Will the campaign mode be co-op?”, Lame#2 ” Uh…no” LOL! BLOODY DUMB ASS!
      I’m just…you know the rest.

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