TEKKEN 6 OnTheSpot Feature!

GameSpot’s recent episode of Today On The Spot has a hands-on preview of TEKKEN 6!  The crew goes over Scenario Campaign mode and more!  Check it out by clicking below…

Special thanks to alucardis for uploading this portion on YouTube!


56 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 OnTheSpot Feature!

  1. Anyway sorry for the Freak out, but i read a couple of articles and they dont seem o take this review seriously.

    still im hoping , this game doesnt disapoint.

    at least you guys know how much tekken means to me.

  2. Word. Just keep it civil in here, that’s all I ask!

    But seriously, didn’t anyone notice he was holding a PS3 controller but the video on screen he was interacting with was the Xbox 360 version? haha

    1. I was noticing that too as I watched it…

      The fact that this guy literally knew nothing at all about T6 made me realize just how poorly gamespot treats titles that aren’t buying ad space though.

      “Is this mode co-op?”
      “now that I don’t know, if I had to guess I’d say not”

      Seriously? We’ve known it IS co-op for what, 6 months?

    2. Ya man, Its all about the Hibatsu ad devil, and grandpa….just like the retard with the controller said.

      and he doesnt even know if it’s co-op or if its online.


    1. yes i already checked that, but i dont care about it, all i want is TEKKEN 6 in good or worse… TEKKEN will always be great.

  3. base from what i saw i think i am just gonna use campaign mode just to unlock the characters and endings (then again most people do that too) after that i wont bother with this mode and just keep myself busy with multiplayer mode. it’s all about multiplayer, it is time to chew bubble gum and kick some ass

  4. Scenario Campaign should be fun if only for the story elements, and seeing all the enemy types they can throw at us… I’ve seen a female Miguel… maybe female Bobs? Hehehe… eesh.

  5. I wouldn’t even bother with SC mode if I couldn’t get money/items quicker. I’m seriously going to be hitting the bricks with this game.

    MarkMan, I have an idea that I feel Namco should look into. I will PM it to you on TZ later on today. Its 4:17 am right now lol.

  6. Simply turn off the motion blur effect and resolution jumps from 1024×576 to 1365×768 (the same as Soul Calibur IV). In effect, resolution almost doubles, in exchange for the omission of motion blur. However, there’s still no anti-aliasing, so overall appearance still looks pretty rough compared to Street Fighter IV and Virtua Fighter 5. Regardless, it’s quite a remarkable turn of events, and the first time we’ve seen anything like it. But the staggering thing is that in this case, the extra resolution does virtually nothing for image quality. Check out this comparison, with analysis from DF contributor MazingerDUDE. Texture detail on the sub-HD image is noticeably sharper than it is in the higher-resolution image.

    The reason that 1024×576 resolution has been introduced is to accommodate the dynamic motion blur system that Namco-Bandai has added to the game. Similar to Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, this effect is realistically calculated in order to produce the effect of motion smoother than the actual frame-rate. It actually works rather well, and the developers have added code that makes the game arguably look superiorin some respects to the higher resolution mode.

    1. ya i heard man, i heard uncharted online was the shit. im picking it up, but man right now im wating for sony to announce the 250GIG so i can pick it up.

      i promised my elf to wait at least 2 weeks after tekken 6 came out before i buy the 120GIG if there is no announcment of the 250 GIG.

      1. So you won’t get Tekken till two weeks after the release? Do you have the will power to do that? VenoM362 wants to play Tekken 6 ASAP!

  7. yo i need help does anyone know the inputs to knee cancel into a standing jab with bryan fury cause I got the regular knee cancel down but I can’t for my life figure out b,3,f cancel into standing jab if any knows bryan would appreciate the support

  8. i was worried that Namco had released too much trailers too early but after seeing so much campaigning for T6 this morning i have that burning feeling to play it again.

    Header looks good! where did you get the art from?

    1. Yeah, I thought I remembered reading that Ryan McDonald was a good Tekken player. Judging from that video, either Paul is not his character or I was misinformed. :D

  9. Congratulations for Namco-Bandai, Beautiful Game. All gamers in Brazil waiting for this game… i´m nervous!!!

  10. That guy ryan is simply an embarrasment to gaming journalism, actually all the gamespot employee’s are.

    I think the SC mode is going to be better than his demo would have you believe. It looks like it has targetting issues, but I wouldnt be surprised if it was just cause he was a terrible, terrible player.

    It was obvious he was just mashing buttons.

    Tekken fan my ass, lol

  11. Oh and Markyboy, the new header looks really badass. But of course it should be Kazuya up their not his little metro sexual son….


    pls where did you got the pictures of devil jin, jin and nina <3 <3 T_T plsss

    love sdtekkennn




    plss i´m crazyy i want them :(

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