1UP’s Game Night With TEKKEN 6!

Our good friend Richard Li at 1UP will be hosting another Game Night!  The game of choice for this episode is everyone’s favorite King of the Iron Fist Tournament… TEKKEN 6! NorCal tournament player Jeff  “Renzo” Nguy will be on hand to go over the single player, multiplayer, and competitive aspect of the game!  Tune in tomorrow Oct. 6, 2009 at 5PM Pacific standard time for the live stream goodness!


98 thoughts on “1UP’s Game Night With TEKKEN 6!

  1. I love watching Game Night. Now finally Tekken 6 can get some really good exposure with some competent playing and a good look at the features. I may stay up to watch this live so I can send in a question. Oh, and these artworks from the console version used to headline the articles are really getting me excited. I hope this means that the story mode (inside Scenario Campaign) has been improved in terms of portraying the characters’ plotlines.

  2. Where did you get the picture of Nina from?! Is this another promotional comic thing, or actual in game story art?! O___O

  3. Hey makrman why dont you stop teasing us wiht fucking Game art from the game.

    i know your doing that shit on purpose.

    Fuck ! now i want to knwo why jin was throwing those papers all over the air.

      1. we didnt mean that bro. we just meant top teasing us with art work from the game man. cause we want to know when we see the fucking art. i want tekken news to keep me exciase LOL

    1. Jin is throwing those papers around because he don’t give a shit about business. He just wants to fight and rule the world!
      Jin is like “Get this shit out of my face bitch!”

      1. Bill’s !?!? for what ?? the hoes at last nights party ??

        FUCK THIS !! why wernt you there BITCH !!

    1. How is there footage of this movie which I never even knew was made or being made, but nothing on the Tekken movie? I could give a shit less about the KOF but does’nt Terry Bogard wear a trucker hat, has a long blonde pony tail, and is young (not 30 or 40 something like the actor playing him)?
      I’m just saying…

    1. Lol, I bet someone will make there Bob fight in his underwear. Why do some people make their characters look so damn stupid? I try to even make people I don’t use look good. I hate Paul, Ganryu, and Bob, but I will atleast try to make them look cool. Gonna be tough to make Bob look cool though.

      As for the 21-23(If I decide to pick up Law and Migel) characters I use, I will probably change their customs on a regular basis. It would be cool if you could have a different outfit for each face button. That way you could have four different customazations at once.
      I’m just saying…

  4. yeah that would be sweet. but im the same man, i want to have them wear badass outfits.

    i want T6 to have the same color sistem as SOUL CALIBUR 4 wit the entire color pallett, that would be sweet.

    1. few hours do you mean at 01:00 ??? like in 1 hour?? on your time? i live in sweden and its 22:13 here in the night…22:13 is 10 a clock ..so when does it begin for me?? anyone care to help?!

  5. Too bad I can’t watch it :( but did yaw here about that “super blu ray disc” is it a real or is it just a rumor. Cause I heard it can hold 250GB of memory. Kinda sounds impossible

    1. So you heard that something with 10x the storage of a blu-ray is totally happening huh. Stay on that, we’ll be waiting for critical updates.

    2. Until developers use regular blu-rays anywhere near to their maximum capacities, I’ll render anything superior useless

  6. Thanks MM for the info. We can’t expect him nor anyone to spill the beans on everything with the game that still has about 3 weeks left to launch.

  7. ehh this was soooo dissapointing!!! =(

    all they did was play ive seen all those ps3 gameplay vids already on youtube and other sites..this was a waste of time!! i think they answered 1 question..lol..then it was over..i was like…OOOK THATS IT??! O_o

    1. I’m sure you can save whole fights. What would be the point of saving last 5 seconds? Let’s hope for yotutbe upload.

  8. What the hell were these guys spouting? SC is harder to play than Tekken and has more emphasis on spacing?

    Lol, I thought they were supposed to be repping Tekken and the scene, they did not bother even telling people why the game is good, technical and competitive.

    SC already has a bad rep with scrubs thinking its foremost a button masher, they really misrepresented the game and did it a disservice in that sense….

  9. Tekken 6 Game Night at 1Up was about an hour of VS Play, player banter and game scene talk. Very light in actual game modes being shown, but at least the game itself seems to have acquitted itself very well; they were plainly enjoying themselves (maybe a bit too much). I have to feel honored though that my question was one of the few asked in the session. Hahaha!

  10. Have you guys ever thought that they only had a certain build version of the game so they cannot show certain things?

    Plus, spoilers would be a no-no for them…

  11. I’m pretty sure they couldn’t really show off the Scenario Campaign intro, cutscenes or the Story Mode stuff. or anything that may constitute spoilers. Still, instead of just playing VS the whole time they could have checked out the Ghost Battle to show off any customized AI opponents, and the interface when you choose the next match. They could have done a Team Battle instead of that single VS thing. They could entered the Profile section to see what it looks like as you check your character. There are tons of things they could have done but didn’t. They just basically hung out and played, and that was it. The shop talk on the gaming scene is good if you’re into that, and into the general fighting game vibe of the hour. I was, so at least I was entertained. Not satisfied, but entertained.

    1. ya i agree with you, but you know ?? fuck them. they just sat there and played the game.

      these days you cant count on anyone to show you what you want in a game.

      we get T6 in 3 weeks, after that i won need GT , KOTAKU , or any other site to show me anything.

      the only site ill probably be goign to is this one to schedule matches with you guys. thats about it.

      when T6 comes out im gonna be gone for a good 5 months LMAO XD.

      1. Well, you can’t really blame Q-Dogg and the players… they could only do what they were directed to do, and apparently they were told to mainly just do VS and talk game community stuff. It was still a fun watch anyway.

        I guess our hopes for early answers to questions rests in MarkMan and the SD-Tekken Podcast… ^_^

      2. I will proably check in weekly insead of daily. I want to know if MarkMan will post combo videos and combo/juggle list on this site. Oh yeah and frame data.
        Let me know MarkMan.

      3. Yo markman, i thought at the begning of this month is when the site is gonna have a huge change what happend ???

  12. They could this, they could that…. just drop it. In less than 3 weeks we get our hands on it. Yes people, we are THAT close. >:)

  13. We need a bit more information on the game something,we got three weeks not three months.Blind Ghost you can’t stay away from sd tekken that long lol.

  14. LOL i love this site i cant help it.

    and i mean its tekken, can you blame me ??

    its the one game i will always come back to….oh and uhh i dont have a PS3 right now.

    i could be playing NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2…buuuttt for nwo this will have to make up for it.

    and fuck sony and thier 250 GIG im just gonna buy a 120 and upgrade. this wait time is bullshit.

    anyoe here know if a 500GIG HARD-DRIVE will work fine in a PS3 ???

    1. man do they have issues with that HD…im glad i did my reasearch, Turns out the SEA-GATES hard drive and SAMSUNG ones 500 GIG are shit ad the PS3 wont recognize the drives it will tell you the drive isnt recognizable.

  15. Bleh, Harada. Kazuya was the main character of the game. but you killed him off and replaced him with jin for a time. Heihachi and Kazuya are Tekken!

    Nice find, Blindghost some interesting insites their. By Harad’as statements, looks like either Heihachi or Jin will win Tekken 6. It’s getting kinda old to be honest. either have kazuya win and bring back Devil Kaz, so throw the story in a completely new direction with a new victor in Tekken 7

  16. “they could only do what they were directed to do”

    That is a very mature response for this matter. Richard only asked maybe 2-3 questions at most, and most of the time it was just jokes about random things

    I’m sure if there were more questions that were asked, Jeff and Qdogg would have been more than happy to answer them, or if the crew told them to go to campaign, gallery, or whateve other modes…but maybe they couldn’t because of Namco’s request?

  17. Lol I love how I go out of my way to try not offend anyone by saying, Renzo isn’t bad at all, but I was hoping for more and people still hatin. Hated on live during a Gamenight, that’s a new one.

  18. Haha I’m sure they were joking man, don’t take it to heart =)

    They did the same for other game nights like the SF4 one and smoe other random ones, it’s all jokes…they even told the embarassing story of bronson vs jaha…plus even told them how to watch the actual vid, lol. You didn’t get it too bad holmes!


    YOU GONNA LET MS walk all over you like that !?!?!? with a shitty modern warefare 360 ????

  20. Hate me if you want… but this 1up video was shit as hell. We seeing arcade (vs) videos for more then a year now and what we get in the console review? VS MATCHES! What’s up with the guys? No customization, no force mode, no option menu, no “look at this… look at that, this is how it works… these are the changes according to the arcade… ect.” This was a complete waste of time, listening some folks talkin funny things about random stuff.

    1. I think its because they don’t have the full version up and running yet (story mode, etc). From what I know (Well comparing to gamespot’s version) Gamespot showed the campaign mode so I guess they should have shown the campaign mode. With respect to the storymode, I don’t think its available yet in their versions.

  21. < 20 days to go!!!! I actually bought a cheap-o fight stick for the Xbox360 for now until the Hori sticks stock up in the Philippines. My PS3's itching to get some action as well :) Will be getting Tekken 6 for both consoles for maximum online play :)

    Just a few more days….

  22. I’m so MASHIMA I’m showin
    up to your open casket
    to fill it full of explosive
    and close it back with a lit
    match in it
    while I sit back and just
    hope it catches
    Blow you to fragments
    Laugh like KAZUYA, roll you and smoke
    the ashes

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