TEKKEN 6 Swaggin’ Wagon!

Namco Bandai is sending out a crew of folks in the TEKKEN 6 Swaggin’ Wagon.  Throughout the month of October, they’re going to be driving through a bunch of cities, in Northern and Southern California.  Click below for more info!

Tekken 6 is less than three weeks from launch, and with the anticipation for the game ramping up, we’re kicking off a cool new promotion for the Tekken fans in California.

Whenever fans of Tekken spot them, they can stop by, say Hi, get a picture taken next to the van (which has an INCREDIBLE level of detail that the pics here don’t do justice for) and get a bunch of free swag.  We should have some of the TapouT Tekken T-Shirts and some other cool promotional items for Tekken 6.  There’s some cool stuff in there for the Tekken fans, and the crew is going to hit as many cities as they can over the next month.  It’s a pretty intense and fun road trip with some dedicated folks behind the wheel.

TEKKEN 6 Swaggin’ Wagon Gallery


18 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 Swaggin’ Wagon!

    1. hey man that is not me, im me.

      and i am not a Homo. i dont think these guys are hot.

      i think Ayumi’s hot not these guys. just to clear the record.

      1. Justifiying yourself, hoe? How pitiful – and with a bad english to boot.

        Cry moar, ‘kay? <3

  1. EY hello.. the ar is good!:) good job,!
    Im have a question… uhmmm How can I prepared My car??it is,,, washing?? and holograms¿¿

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