What Will You Fight For!? Vol.2!

TEKKEN 6 and NAMCO BANDAI’s European marketing team continues to ask you… “What Will You Fight For!?” Check out the second of their viral vid series after clicking the link below!

The second video to follows on from the first film, and is based on the Tekken characters: Scene 1: Nina Williams & Anna Williams, Scene 2: Christie Monteiro, Scene 3: Ling Xiaoyou

14 Responses to What Will You Fight For!? Vol.2!

  1. Di says:

    I think it’d be good to add that “What will you fight for?” is actually a series of UK Tekken 6 tournaments, starting this Friday and ending on 8th November at Namco’s Station in London.

  2. VenoM362 says:

    Sexy ladies in slo mo, I can dig it.

  3. Lil Nero says:

    What’ll I fight for?

    Better ads.

  4. masoftekken says:

    Yo pause the vid at 00:28 and it looks identical to christie. And lings lips… well you get the picture lol.

    I will fight for these chicks replacing the chicks in the Tekken movie cast.

  5. yaks88 says:

    i live around manchester but i cant find gamerbase thats where next weeks tekken 6 tournament bes

  6. DarthSolidus says:

    namco obviously realised that sex sells…yummi^^

  7. LawLeeLeiLingLiliLars says:

    Good ad. Ugly chicks.
    1st girl looks like an old hag.
    2nd girl doesn’t look too bad with today’s standards.
    3rd girl looks like the sole of my Asian foot.


    • Chewbacca says:

      Jesus Christ, are you kidding? Your girlfriend, if some bitch is that dumb, probably looks like she has down syndrome.

      • LawLeeLeiLingLiliLars says:

        Not kidding. Especially the Asian chick. Her face is all crumpled, not to mention the buck teeth and attempt at eyelashes!

  8. kw says:

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  9. Johnny dogs says:

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