TTT!? TEKKEN Twitter Tournament!

What Will You Fight For!? How about a signed copy of TEKKEN 6 by Katsuhiro Harada, Life Size Tekken Figures, and a whole load of other goodies? NAMCO BANDAI has launched “TEKKEN TALK,” the the first real time fighting game for twitter! Click below for more details!

Tekken Talk is an adaptation of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament – the central premise of Tekken.  Players can choose from one of ten characters and take part in an unlimited number of battles with opponents in the heats, followed by the top 32 players going through to the finals of the competition.  The twitter application is the first real time fighting game for Twitter.

The moves in Tekken Talk are based on the console version of Tekken.  The game is all about timing and knowing how long each move takes just like the real game.

Players will be able to embed widgets on to their social network profiles to keep track of their progress across the competition.

The winner will win: Signed copy of Tekken 6 by Harada-San, Life Size Tekken Figures, and a whole load of other goodies.


24 thoughts on “TTT!? TEKKEN Twitter Tournament!

  1. yep i sin it during a match u have to say im gna give u demons wrath and then the other player responds il give u a dislocator get it?

  2. wow

    thats quite hard if you dont pay attention to timing when youre actually playing the real game

    whoever came up with this idea is good.. it might actually apply to the real thing as well

  3. fighting game on twitter??
    now this I have to see.

    btw, hopefully the podcast will be the time I wake up tommorow…


    gotta sleep now..

      1. Check the very bottom of the FAQ section of the website. Unless I somehow ended up in the UK portal, the actual “contest” is only open to UK residents. You can still, however, mess with other people.

        *has won 1 match already*

  4. TTT was the first thing I saw and I automatically though Tekken Tag Tournament….with the biggest leap of happiness yet…. only to be disappointed :(

  5. This is BULL man me and my friend are in 3rd n 4th places and we DONT even qualify to win…WHAT A WASTE OF LIFE and a good idea. :( im so mad. no Kaz x Jin Statue in my house

      1. well this game is broken, and You & I are the ones who broke it, with Iron Hand > Geta Stomp > Iron Hand. This game needs fixing & yeah its WHACK! that we dont qualify even though we PWN’D!

  6. OMGiiTszGusto, you do know if you had someone send you that life size Kaz and Jin statue, you would be paying them up to $350 (possibly more) in shipping fees to the US. Too bad it’s not in the US, there will be gamestop tournaments though!?

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