The first few reviews for are coming in…. And TEKKEN 6 takes home the IGN Editors’ Choice Award! Click below to see how well it did…

35 Responses to TEKKEN 6 IGN Review

  1. cappo says:

    can’t wait even thou its out to some..

  2. DaBakerMann says:

    Lol they trashed on the levels. Screw them thats one of the things i like about tekken 6. Overall im preety stoked to get this game though. Decent review by ign.

  3. DrBhup666 says:

    Guys, the frikin’ reviewer admitted that he’s never played Tekken before. This was the first Tekken he’s played, and he played it for the review..!!

    Go figure… why did IGN assign this intricate game to a fuckin’ novice????

    Noobs won’t understand the extremely difficult gameplay and the hours, weeks and months one must invest to be a good Tekkenplayer.

  4. Battling_boy says:

    Typical Edge Magazine gave it a 7. Their reviews are a joke. Makes me angry they gave a noob to review it or bashing the Scenario Campaign, which they shouldn’t of.

  5. thelonegamer says:

    The review was decent, and at least the AU review gave it a 9, which was more fitting than the 8.8 from the US review.

    Edge gave it a 7? Screw ’em.

  6. .............. says:

    knee is back u dickheads

  7. chemicalRed says:

    9 isn’t bad

  8. The Devil Kazuya says:

    One thing that really irk’s me about these early reviews is that there is nothing more than a one sentence mention about the online component of the game. ( a common occurance it seems with fighting game reviews like thay just dont understand the genre) and the first review by the US guy admits that he didn’t get a chance to play online WTF? They should either wait to give a full anayisis of the online expereince or not post a review at all. The online experience in fighter makes and breaks the game these days due to the decline of the arcade scene and reviewers of fighting games need to realise this.

    yes, 9 is a respectible number, but regardless of the port Tekken 6 is a better game than both blaz blue and Streefighter 4 which as i remeber both achieved higher scores.

    N00bs basically…..

  9. Ryan says:

    uh, what do they mean by “you can block from a neutral position”/”you do not need to hold back”

    i always thought you have to hold back to block….

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      in the options you had an autoguard feature which you ban take off. it only blockied high and agaist jin for example B1+2,udlr,12313-3 you would get hit on high. the second 1hits on guard drop and the following 3 takes you down.. The reviewers should have been humble tekken players.

  10. yaks88 says:

    nobheads for givin my game game a 7 they dont no jack bout tekken

  11. bigdaddydrei says:


    So when’s Namco going to patch all the half-assed stuff that we REALLY care about? Practice mode especially?

    Serves Namco right for making that useless scenario campaign a priority. Now it’s coming back to bite them. If that mode wasn’t in the game, Tekken would be scoring higher.

    Nice one Bamco – you make the best Tekken you’ve ever done since Tag, then royally screw it by insisting that people give death by degrees another go.

    Fuck scenario campaign mode. All that space could have been used to make both console ports arcade perfect.

    • Natalie says:

      Tekken Tag is overrated, people. It didn’t have the high scores like T3 and T5. Get over it.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        How was TTT overrated?

        IT was the best looking tekken game of the 6th gen. . .IMO the graphics were way better then tekken 5.

      • chemicalRed says:

        Whether Tekken tag tournament is over rated is something that I’m not sure of… But those scores don’t justify anything; they’re just opinions, not facts

  12. DIGGS-86 says:

    Screw IGN , why is it that games like tekken get interviewed and reviewed by people who either don’t know squat or don’t give a damn. This butt pirate is going on about the story not making sense at this time, languages in the game and how it hurts his brain with how complex the fighting can get! Screw em. Im not saying to glorify the game like crazy but damn. Thepunk apparently wasnt with the series to have some proir knowledge but he also seemed to have little time with the disk. Ilove streetfighter and have been playing since diapees, but how can you mak great sf games from the originals , supers ,hypers, alphas , vs snk or capcom or tatsunoko, and third strike and go back to streetfighter 2 to make a part 4, with limited customization, the story didnt one for one go with the anime released on it and its the same animators. WhatIcould say is tht the combo system is great and that Crimson viper is a almost great Terry Bogard but isa sorry opponent whereas in tekken people can take the sh##iest character and end worlds. I could go on but basically as a game alone it was great but capcom took a step back in order to go forward with 4 and it got fanboy reviws. Meanwhile tekken6 isnt out yet officially they have the best story and over the series have constantly evolved.

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. A game regarded as one of the best fighting games ever created. Gamerankings score of 79.99%. That’s what I think about scores. Scores are a reference they don’t tell me how much fun I’ve had with a game. They tell me how much fun the person that reviewed the game had.


      • DIGGS-86 says:

        Thats why these sires and mags should choose these freaks carefully and have a better method to this crap. Thats like me who grew up on need for speed and then trying to playforza or gran turismo. yo know in one day at that. Its sick.

  13. Sirjackalot says:

    Guys I know this maybe a little off topic but have you noticed the Edge magazine are giving out low scores left and right. I wouldn’t go by anything that site says whoever are doing the reviews there dont know what they doing. Now back on topic tekken 6 beats all the rest of the fighting games out there so I dont see how it got lower than boring sf4. If its been number 1 in arcades beating all the other fighting games why did it score lower for consoles because sf4 should not have gotten a 9 in my opinion anyway cant wait for t6

  14. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. A game regarded as one of the best fighting games ever created. Gamerankings score of 79.99%. That’s what I think about scores. Scores are a reference they don’t tell me how much fun I’ve had with a game. They tell me how much fun the person that reviewed the game had.


  15. BlondeAssassin says:

    I think it was a pretty fair review. I mean, an 8.8 is disappointing, I think the game deserves at least a 9.0. But it seems like the major complaints were with loading times and Scenario Campaign….both things which I kinda had a bad feeling about…

  16. PhantomJ says:

    ————*Off-topic SPOILERS*———-

    Playing the game right now, and not to be off-topic, but the old school story mode (Arena, inside the Scenario Campaign) is a real let down.

    —————*End Off topic*————

    • JinUAE says:

      Same here.. And I’ve been playing the game for around a week. But it is really disappointing. Sorry for that.

      PS. I’m a serious tekken fan boy.

  17. dvj player says:

    the fact that blaz blue got a higher score and its just a 2 bit weeabo fighter that didnt even take the time to port to english well enough (what the FUCK does “rebel one” mean)

    i read a review in a mates sisters anime mag and it said that “you couldnt always see what move you did, but it never looked bad”.

    the sad truth is though, as we hardcore tekken fans wait desperatly for our copy, some weeabo faggot is hastily playing this game (without even playing online ) so that he can go back to trying to get hadukens down on SFIV and go to bed dreaming of being able to ultra consistantly..

    FUCK reviews, somone else didnt like it? i know its ganna be a 9.5 or higher from me.

  18. KW says:

    I’ve been playing the game. Don’t care what reviews say… the game is fucking awesome. ALL of it.

  19. .............. says:

    xbox 360 cocked up the ps3 game

  20. Hey says:

    The dude at IGN US knew squat about Tekken. He was just some hired writer to do a review not a gamer who at least knew the series and how it works. Look at his review it super shallow and all he did say was “Tekken 6 is a deep fighting game but I don’t know anything about it so there I give it an average score” Thus the Editors need to butt in and give this game a decent score hence 8.8

  21. Mb1rch says:

    G4 X-Play has posted up their review for it on the 360. 3 out of 5. Saying its the same old gameplay with nothing new about it, scenario campaign is cheesy and lame and online lags. LOL but then who actually likes X Play anyways? Im still excited to get mines tomorrow regardless of the reviews. I’ll love it and thats all that matters to me :)

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      Health bar is much longer.Damage scaling has been changed; in T5/DR, the first hit dealt 100%, second dealt 70%, and third hit and above dealt 50%. In Tekken 6, it has been tweaked, further reducing damage the more hits are applied, as well as further reducing damage depending on when a bound move is applied.The bound system. While from the outside it looks like merely a way to extend combos, it actually starts to matter especially in walled areas/areas with destructible environments.Due to the damage scaling, when or even if you decide to do a bound move matters. As for non-walled stages or just using it in general, due to the changed physics of the game, how your opponents will recover will also factor in to whether or not you want to use the bound system.Low parries put the opponent in bound status, as opposed to how it would generally leave them in crouching for you to launch them.Although in exchange a lot more moves can hit them when you do parry them successfully.8 frame jabs are gone.Everyone’s moves has been reanimated.All characters’ moves have been tweaked, and characters that shared moves in the past are even more different now in how they use them.So now I ask you, how is tekken 6 like other tekkens.With all the great improvements. . .EXACTLY. . .

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