AdhocParty Coming Soon For North America!

AdhocParty for PS3 is coming out soon for North America!  If you’re not familiar with what AdhocParty is, it’s an app for the PS3 that allows PSPs to connect to each other via the PlayStation Network.  The Japanese version launched last year and it’s worked out great so far for PSP titles such as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and DISSIDIA Final Fantasy. Here’s to hoping the English version works out just as well for the upcoming TEKKEN 6 for PSP!  And don’t forget! If you have a PSPgo, you can also take advantage of this feature while using a PS3 Bluetooth controller!

9 Responses to AdhocParty Coming Soon For North America!

  1. J1N says:

    Nice! I’ll give it a shot…although I don’t have the new PSP Go!, if this turns out to work well, I might have to invest in getting a Go!

  2. passingby says:

    I still using japanese one for MH

  3. passingby says:

    Vote for Tekken on WGA 2009

  4. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    WE HAVE TO VOTE FOR TEKKEN 6 so it can take the tilte “fighting game of the year”

  5. Quero participar nos jogos SREKEN6, para desempenhar da quilo que eu sou capaz.

  6. Preciso jogar e demostrar o meu talento, para ganhar premios,tenho como nacionalidade angolano e sou um técnico médio com os seguintes cursos: Hardware,Contabilidade e Electronica e Comunicações.

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