TEKKEN 6 PSP Hands-On Previews!

IGN and GAMESPOT have both had some hands-on time with the latest build of the PSP version of TEKKEN 6.  They’ve given their thoughts and impressions on it and so far… They’re pretty positive about it!  Check out each site’s preview by clicking below!

31 Responses to TEKKEN 6 PSP Hands-On Previews!

  1. Blind Ghost says:

    Rank Matches Suck in T6. im a Maurauder, but ive had 4 guys disconnect on me and they were high ranking.

    total crap man, Namco needs to fix that, all those fights were worth like 430 points. it took me longer to rank up because of these disconnections.

    so the beter give them a disconnecte limit or a point penalty.

    …oh yeah…..ANGRY FIRST.

    • DrBhup666 says:

      I thought they said that if people disconnected than it would count as loss. Was that just bullshit?

      I think you “won” those matches Blind Ghost! On walkover or something.

    • chemicalRed says:

      You play ranked matches? Is it really safe to do so considering the lag and lost connection problem?

      • Blind Ghost says:

        i almost made it to Berserker Lastnight, i was at the ranked match for berserker, i beat this guy 2 rounds in, he didnt even try to make a comback as soon as the third round started he disconnected.

        and i just checked this morning and im still at marauder. so no, they dont get a penalty. because if that was the case right now it would show me as a Berserker.

        seriously man this is total bullshit.

        The reason im mad i cause the way you rank up in T6 isnt like it was in DR.

        in DR you rank up every thousand points.

        in here it takes a lot lot longer to rank up, especially when you start hitting the higher ranks like berserkers and marauder im talking like maybe 15 to 18 fights that you Can’t lose.

        the penalty for losing a ranked match is really severe in here, If you lose like 2 or 3 ranked matches and they give you a demotion rank.

        but for you to rank up it takes like 18 matches.

        I honestly think its unbalanced and they need to fix that..

        anyway like i said, by now i should have been a Berserker, but nope, just checked and im still a Maurauder.

  2. tekken says:

    damn what a crybaby

    • Blind Ghost says:

      crybaby me ?? u serious whats your rank ??

      • crazy skip says:

        ghost i dont think it matters what the rank is… if a scrub can reach juggernaut…

        well that basically says it… SCRUB for life…

      • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

        Ranking doesn’t mean shit, hoe – yeah, you’re that scrub lol

        Player matches are the place to get some fun.
        Cry moar, bish.

      • crazy skip says:

        are you calling me scrub or him?

      • chemicalRed says:

        @crazy skip
        I guess youre right; Ranking is sorta irrelevant now…Ill at least wait until they fix the lag to play online ranked matches…And if they dont fix the netcode then ill never really take anyones ranking seriously…LOL, “scrub for life” ?

        @Blind Ghost
        LOL…Dude,…who’s this Blind Ghost’s Pimp character?…and why does he hate you so much?

  3. crazy skip says:

    i thought id give online another go… why did i bother… it was so shit that in 3 games i had to resort to being scrubbish…

    so hard to play when you cant even do simple low parries, break throws and blocking low…

    • Blind Ghost says:

      i know man ,all the stuff i practice in practice mode and arcade i cant even pull of in ranked matches. i have to resort to cheap single or double hits. in other words timed combos are out of the question.

      im not going any farhter until they release the patch.

    • chemicalRed says:

      Yeah, the same happens to me when i play online unranked matches; I see lows and cant parry them, cant break throws i know are coming, and drop juggles…I can barely complete 10 hits or chain throws…So i adopt my opponents scrubbish tendancies, executing the same move to get a garunteed launch and bound juggle…They should have a disclaimer “Online play may cause devolvement”

    • rampage says:

      you dont like tekken, skip? then dont play it!!

      • crazy skip says:

        bet you i love tekken more than you…

        and yes i do play… who the fuck are you to tell me not to play..

        this is about online not being playable you piece of shit..

        ill take a quote from the podcast… “read more post less” …

        next time you post gago.. make it something on the topic and not to tell someone not to play….

        and why only me? others are complaing about online as well…

  4. Blind Ghost says:

    DR was soo much better man, i could at least do something in there. this is a joke !

  5. crazy skip says:

    can someone answer this simple noobish question…

    i think its a universal tekken terminology.. but what’s Oki?

    i keep seeing it.. but i’ve never really learnt the meaning of it…

    • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

      Okizeme, scrub

      Stuff you do when you knock people on the ground – mostly ground hits or setups.

      A nice example is Alisa d+3+4 – great move in oki, but have poorly results outside of this scenario (low parriable on reaction, and if interrupted, Alisa gets launched).

  6. Nando says:

    Who is the person passing off negative ratings for anyone that criticizes the laggy online play?

    Are you someone that takes advangtage of scrub playing/bad connections to get a higher rank? I don’t understand why ANYONE would condone such bad online play especially with a game of this caliber that demands spot on timing. You cannot low parry/ throw break/ even at times effectively transition between mid/low blocking fast enough sometimes. Stop passing off negative ratings against people that tell the truth, you pansy.

    • crazy skip says:

      the ones condoning to this type of play are the scrubs… they come to check the comments and rate bad because they are the ones winning with cheap strategies or spamming strategies….

  7. CeaserDeebo says:

    I actually heard the psp will have exclusive content…

  8. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    vote for tekken 6!

  9. No rank man says:

    Yeah Tekken 6 is crap. People should not be force to play online just to rank up. That alone takes the joy out of playing Tekken. Tekken 6 is not the game of the year.

  10. the man says:

    juggling is gay in this game. there should be demotion or point loss for people who juggle to much.

    i am a rogue and I refuse to juggle.

    I know how obviously but i refuse to its so so gay!!

  11. lordjkb says:

    tekken 6 on the psp is even badder than evan wants and that is a baaaadd game the console version of tekken 6 is much better.Like come on the last tekken boss on psp is imposible (AZAZEL) its reatired imposible and its like 20 hits in all chars oon tekken 5 dark resurection psp much better a<ll chars had the normal like all kicks and hits much better combos too so i give tekken 6 psp 6,5 it could be done so much about but tekken 5 i give 9.0 its almost perfect … NO OFENSE TEKKEN CREATORS

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