Vote TEKKEN 6 For WCG 2010!

The World Cyber Games is looking for the next set of games for the 2010 season!  The WCG wants to hear from YOU!  What fighting game do you want to see next year?!  Make sure you vote by clicking below!

8 Responses to Vote TEKKEN 6 For WCG 2010!

  1. concretebody says:

    I’m Placing Mine

    • Blind Ghost says:


      Favorite anime of all time.

      Griffith/Femto…is a little disturbing in the early years.

      i wouldnt go that far to get money LMAO.

  2. mahmood says:

    tekken 6 and VF5

  3. Blind Ghost says:

    yeai did TEKKEN 6 and VF 5

  4. Blind Ghost says:

    I CAN POST AGAIN !!!!!!

    YESSSSS !!!!!!

  5. SK says:


  6. […] Dead or Alive 4 and Virtua Fighter 5 – fighting game in WCG’s history thanks to the from a few months before. Check out the rest of the entry for the list of […]

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