TEKKEN 6 At WCG 2010!

It’s OFFICIAL! The Xbox 360 version of TEKKEN 6 will be played at this year’s World Cyber Games! This is a third – after Dead or Alive 4 and Virtua Fighter 5 – fighting game in the WCG’s history thanks to the poll from a few months ago. Check out the rest of the entry for the list of games.

WCG 2010 Official Game Titles:


  • Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (Blizzard, RTS)
  • Counter-Strike (Valve, FPS)
  • TrackMania Nations Forever (Ubisoft, Racing)
  • Carom 3D (NeoAct, Sports)
  • Xbox 360

  • Guitar Hero 5 (Activision, Music)
  • Tekken 6 (Namco Bandai Games, Fighting)
  • Forza Motorsport 3 (Microsoft Game Studios, Racing)
  • WCG 2010 Promotional Game Title:


  • Lost Saga (IO Entertainment, Action)

16 Responses to TEKKEN 6 At WCG 2010!

  1. crazy skip says:

    forza? really? FFS!?!?!?!?! what happened to GT5 my goodness!

    well tekken is up there and im happy

  2. Daniel says:

    Ok I don’t get why they would put it for 360. I have a 360 and ps3 and have tekken on both. The 360 version doesn’t play the same as the ps3 or the arcades. Closest to arcades would be the ps3. But I’m still glad to see tekken up there.

  3. VenoM362 says:

    Its cool that Tekken made it on the show, but its not like the people playing will be any good. Most of the people on that show play FPS , GH, or some PC shit. This means when its Tekken time they’ll just button mash, probably with Eddy, Hwoarang, Steve, or Law. Like the last session’s finale they button mashed like hell on SC4. But hey, maybe there will be atleast one person good at fighters. Oh yeah, its messed up how Cigi has won SC tournaments but didn’t get the chance to play.

    I’m just saying…

    • GenoZStriker says:

      Something seriously tells me that you are confusing World Cyber Games in general for the retarded reality show that was WCG Ultimate Gamers with the self proclaimed pro gamers, because for 1 Soul Calibur has never been an official WCG title and was never featured as an official games at the Global Finals nor any qualifiers.

      It’s nothing like that. This is just like the Olympics where each country holds its own qualifiers and the best players compete for 1-3 spot to represent their countries at the Global Finals.

  4. chemicalRed says:

    Well, its good to know Tekken will be there.

  5. L_Z_N says:

    Time to get/build a 360 stick..coz I really wanna go to LA.

    • Di says:

      If you want to play with your PS1/2 (maybe PS3 as well) pad, I’d recommend you buying an Elecom converter. It requires a wired X360 pad, however, its quality is really great!

  6. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Why the 360 version?

    These guys are idoits.

  7. Ruby says:

    no suprise here WCG is from Korea

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