Tekken Confirmed For iPhone

According to Pocket Gamer, a new Tekken game is coming to both iPhone and iPod touch. It has been being developed by Namco Networks America for some time now and it seems that only finishing touches are needed. Multiplayer hasn’t yet been confirmed, however, it’s hard to magine a Tekken game with only single player modes.

14 Responses to Tekken Confirmed For iPhone

  1. TCO-TheOne says:

    FIRST!!!!! :).

  2. DrBhup666 says:

    Tekken on the iPhone?? Man, is Namco really that much a sell-out??!! iPhone has no buttons! How do one play Tekken proparly on iPhone??


  3. chemicalRed says:

    Would this be the Tekken Mobile that was discussed here recently or a completely different iteration of the game?

  4. Blind Ghost says:


  5. schematic says:

    Well honestly fighting games don’t make as much as other genre’s so if they are maximizing profits and it helps them come out with more tekkens in the future. I’m all for it. Why wouldn’t you want the company who makes one of your favorite games to do well. Go Namco… even though tekken on the iphone prolly will be garbage lolz.

  6. ICEYOUCOLD says:


  7. Zooop says:

    What’s wrong with single player modes? Not everyone likes to play with total strangers.

  8. Zwei says:

    Well..there’s already Street Fighters IV for Iphone, I don’t see why not Tekken ;)

  9. 0kills says:

    retards… sf4 on the iphone’s good. play before you post ayt?

  10. […] Tekken Confirmed For iPhoneSeriously?  I can't imagine things going well…Street Fighter IV was a bit iffy, but Tekken…I'm not even sure if it'll do any good for the franchise! […]

  11. Roebke says:

    Generally I really don’t examine post about websites, nonetheless would like to declare that this write-up pretty pressured everyone to carry out so! Your composing flavor may be astonished everyone. Thanks a lot, great article.

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