Global Championship Final Results!

Thanks to stream provided by UFRAG.TV we were able to watch the Tekken 6 Global Championship Final hosted in Tokyo by Namco Bandai Games.

The 16 finalists were divided into two groups, eight players for each of the two consoles (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360). In the PS3 Grand Final JDCR (Heihachi) from Korea, who came out from the Losers Bracket, won 2:1/2:0 against Feng played by one of the top Japanese players, Yuu. The second final was a battle between two South Koreans, Nin (Steve) and boradoldol (Baek). This fight was won by Nin, the Tekken Crash series’ commentator. JDCR and Nin will go for a round-the-world trip while Yuu and boradoldol are going to receive home theater sets.

The best player from outside of Asia was Gen1us from France, who came out 3rd in the Playstation 3 tournament.

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from the event!

30 Responses to Global Championship Final Results!

  1. changandy says:

    Wheres Knee?

    • Di says:

      He didn’t participate.

      Europe: Gen1us, Steve88, lucho_83cor, Michael
      USA: Aris, chetchetty, Mr. NAPS, insanelee
      Asia: Nin, JDCR, SHIN, boradoldol
      Japan: Yuu, Nobi and the 2 other players who qualified right before the finals (I don’t remember the names)

      • chemicalRed says:

        Thats too bad; I was looking forward to some Knee matches.. At least NAPS is still participating.

  2. TCO-TheOne says:

    Hey Di any word on TEKKEN CRASH season 4 is it going on right now or when it will begin.

    • Di says:

      According to Zhan’s post from TekkenZaibatsu the 4th Season qualifying tournaments were taking place late February. I don’t know if they’re still being placed.

      SDTEKKEN will inform you about Tekken Crash Season 4 when something comes up! :)

  3. Tysan says:

    Wasnt Namco going to do a special anuncement at the tourney?

  4. glenn says:

    yes well done korea who cared about crappy poop europe and usa

  5. Di says:


    If you’re looking for some Knee footage then check Damagermany videos: or wait until the next weekend when Knee will be attending Final Round in Atlanta along with Nin.

  6. Mundo says:

    Feng in a tourney? That’s crazy!

  7. Daniel says:

    I think this was a crappy tournament. WTF is up with the laggy tv and people playing at once. Other crappy thing was the UFRAG more like you UFAG because they couldn’t keep the video on one freaking match at a time. They wanted to jump all over place. Also, don’t want to get started for the commentating. I was so happy when Aries came to commentate.

    Other than that PROPS to Aries and other USA players showing up. Even though it was a crappy tournament.

    • MarkMan says:

      Sorry my commentary didn’t please you :(

      • Daniel says:

        No actually it did please me. The other people that were with you that thought they knew tekken didn’t help much.

    • UFragtv says:

      I don’t even think I need address the Ufag comment as that only shows your ignorance and immaturity. I will however address the other issues you seemed to have with the event.

      First we would like to thank Namco Bandai and especially my friend Markman for pulling off one awesome event. The event itself was very well planned and went off perfectly!

      Ok now, as for the laggy TV’s not my area so I have no comment, other than I know it was an issue from the players from what they told me.

      I want to address the commentating comment you seemed to dislike. Let me spell this out for you, UFragTV is a production company that travels to gaming events around the world to bring to the gamers, events, they would of normally missed because they couldn’t be there. Our website allows anyone to broadcast their gameplay and/or their own events as well. We are NOT gaming commentators nor do we have any desire to be. We simply show up at the event, give the commentators the necessary tools and let the pros do their thing. If we do place a UFragTV host in there its for the “Colorful” talk not actual gameplay commentating. But in saying that, I thought the commentating Markman, JR, Aris, and the others did was awesome, I thought they kept the excitement up, and made the best of a hard to read situation, with the event running 8 games at once. Cudos to them for even pulling it off! Everyone needs to remember, we are all gamers, no one on that show went to commentating school, nor does this for a living, they do it because the gamers needed it. So hats off for them for not being able to just sit back and enjoy the show like everyone else but actually trying to make the show better!

      Which brings me to the comment about how we jumped around to the other games. As everyone already knows they were running 8 games all at once, which makes it very hard to just focus on one game. With that in mind we tried our hardest to bring you the gamers at home, what we thought you would want to see. We tried to pick the hottest matches and give all the competitors their fair chance to be on the live stream. Let me make one thing clear again, UFragTV does NOT run these events, we only broadcast whats at the event. So if the event is delayed, they have a crappy DJ, TV’s have lag, people don’t get prize money, or whatever the case may be, this does not have anything to do with UFragTV. Again we only try our best to give you the best coverage we can while we are there. I also want to point out one more thing, even IF you were at the event LIVE…You still couldn’t see all 8 games at once. How about being a little grateful that you have someone like Ufragtv that will travel across the globe to bring you coverage that you would of otherwise never been able to see? I understand everyone will have their own tastes on how they think an event broadcast should go, but at least be respectful to us by not calling us Ufag after all we are doing is helping the gaming community see some amazing events such as the one we just finished!

      To everyone else we hope that you enjoyed the event half as much as we did, it was an absolute pleasure working with Namco Bandai and especially Markman who helped a great deal with the stream! I also want to remind everyone that Ufragtv opens its doors again to our beta on March 15th, just in time for our live broadcast from PAX East. Thanks again to all of the UfragTV supporters I hope we made some new friends from this event! See you all real soon!

    • entoy da dragon says:

      USA players suck.

  8. glenn says:

    forget the us players they should leave tekken and play sf

  9. mike says:


  10. Fab says:

    Its sad to see Naps and Aris lose to people I know they would beat if it wasn’t for those tvs since there one of the few players I feel are good here. What happen to Bronson?

  11. glenn says:


  12. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    God damn I knew KOREA WAS GOING TO WIN!


  13. tekkenlover says:

    good job markman

  14. glenn says:

    iceyoucold play sf youre an american

  15. glenn says:

    and whatever that fat chunk of lard is called aris man you freaky fat fuck go get a mach 3 for that beard

  16. teky says:

    nice try chet & bronson , and the rest of the us team~ the event and trip itself mustve been enjoyable~

  17. I’ve wanted to contact you, u r spot on. I clicked on your blog from an other hyperlink and am really fascinated by this niche and learning about this. Do you mind if I point to this info from my fan page?

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