TEKKEN 6 North American Championship Results!

The TEKKEN 6 NATIONAL TOURNAMENT crowned ‘chetchetty’ as its champion this past weekend and UFRAGTV was there to capture it all!  Check out the live stream archive of the event after clicking below.  More results and pics from the event after the jump.


1st Place : chetchetty – Chetan Chetty (Paul)

2nd Place : MrNAPS – Jimmy Tran (Bryan)

3rd Place : insanelee – Bronson Tran (Julia)

4th Place : aris – Aris Bakhtanians (Dragunov)


1st Place : jtchinoi – Justin Tan (Xiaoyu, Alisa) (PS3 Champion)

2nd Place : Blood Red – Arthur Hill (Lei) (360 Champion)



28 Responses to TEKKEN 6 North American Championship Results!

  1. DrBhup666 says:


    And you know it!!

  2. Blind Ghost says:

    PS3 !! FTW !!!!!!

    show those 360 Phaggets what TEKKEN is ALL ABOUT.



    • Azur says:

      XBOX360 !! FTW !!!!!!

      show those PS3 Phaggets what TEKKEN is ALL ABOUT.



      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Yo,STOP with the fanboyism!

        We all know the ps3 is superior to the xbox 360 But does superior mean better,NOO!!!

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Oh yeah Azur The xbox hasn’t been out for over decade!

        Blind Ghost is right about PS3GAMERS gaming for over 10 years

      • Azur says:

        Yo,STOP with the fanboyism!

        We all know the XBOX360 is superior to the PS3 But does superior mean better,NOO!!!

      • Azur says:

        Oh yeah ICEYOUCOLD The PS3 hasn’t been out for over decade!

        Blind Ghost is right about XBOXGAMERS gaming for over 10 years

      • FanboisRGhey says:

        For christs sakes….

        You do realize there are plenty of tekken Fan’s that have been playing the game since umm you know tekken 1. Probably before you were a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. That play the game on Xbox360.

        You do realize that the 360 came out way before the Ps3. I wouldnt even own a Xbox but the reality is sony where late to the party with a far more expensive system!

        But, I recently got a ps3 for tekken. I have the game for both systems. The Ps3 is closer to the arcade graphics wise. (mainly lighting effects) but you know what? it is also PLAGUED with slow down, just like the arcade, actually it’s worse….

        The Xbox 360 has faster load times and 0 slow down!

        The reality is playstation 3 is not superior. that is a fan boy’s delusion. Both systems have their flaws which in the end puts them about on par with each other. The Ps3 looks slightly better without motion blur, but anyone serious about the game will play with it on, due to the arcade hardcoded to use it.

        I also prefer the Ps3 version, even though it has slowdown. But this is simply because it’s sold more copies on that platform and has a more robust community. and also the tournament scene players are on ps3 for the most part and I need a stick compatible with ps3.

        Just stop with the fan boi crap. STOP! it’s not like the tekken community is so big that we can have segregation like this and flaming wars amounst it’s members

  3. CHALLENGER 1980 says:

    Man that was awesome. I gotta find out when and where it’s coming to Japan. I wanna meet Harada-san as well!

  4. akeenobu says:

    How do u participate in Online tournament.. Is Philippines Included hehehe.. PS3 user here…

  5. mistmatch says:

    hmm a paul winning a tourney? thats rare :}

  6. UndeadEwok says:

    lets get some vids posted markman…

    thank ya bro

  7. jm408 says:

    Mr Naps vs Chetty was too close! I really feel bad for Jimmy but Chetty does deserve credit for an outstanding performance. I still feel Mr. Naps is a better player overall (even though Chet did beat Mr. Naps the last 3 out of 4 times). A rematch is definitely in order.

    Norcal should have taken both of the GGL tournaments. Good job and props to JT. I knew he was going to win easily. Antonio Carmona did not stand a chance. JT trains with the best.

    On the XBOX side: Before you East Coast players start talking smack, Intel is just an average player!

    He does not even rank within the top 20 of our top players here in Northern California players. I don’t think he ever placed in a Nor Cal tournament. I don’t know of any top Nor Cal players that play on xbox 360. Blood Red had good Lei skills and he played well. However, I must emphasize that he did not play a top NorCal player. Any of the other Norcal players standing outside of the ring would have done a better job than Intel. This was a major disappointment observing that match. Norcal players: sign up for XBOX Live next time so we can represent Norcal properly!

    I was amazed with Bloodred’s transition from the various animal stances. I would love to see him fight
    Suiken in a Lei vs. Lei match soon.

    I want to comment more on the other matches but do not have time right now. More commentary and comments coming soon

    • DrBhup666 says:

      Shut the **ck up, boy!!

      You don’t “feel” in Tekken. You fight! And the winner is the best!
      **ck MrNaps! How can you even say you “feel” he is a better player? You gotta be a fuckin’ gay! If Chet beat him last 3 out of 4 times, then Chet is the better player and should win the tournament, as he did!

      You don’t “feel” in Tekken, you fight! I’m glad this tournament was won by a So-Cal player!

      • jm408 says:

        Your argument is faulty. Aris beat Chet. Is Aris a better player than Chet?

        RIP beat Chet. Is RIP a better player than Chet?

        Mr Naps also beat Help Me in several matches as well. Is Mr. Naps better than Help Me?

        EVERY TOP PLAYER HAS A BAD MATCH. Look at that last match and ask yourself could it have gone Mr. Naps way. It was down to the wire and either side could have taken it.

        I just don’t “feel” Naps is a better player, the majority of the United States and the World feels that way. Just Google his name and find out what the top Korean and Japanese players say about him (a few of them Tekken God ranks).

        Now, do you same search with Chetty. Wait, I can’t find any…

    • imlinked says:

      No doubt Mr. Naps is a great player. And I also agree that Naps is probably a better player overall than Chet. Fact that Naps have a bad matchup against Chet just means he isn’t overwhelmingly better than Chet to overcome that.

      Sure MrNaps beat helpme a couple times, but I’m sure it wasn’t consistent. Most likely it was probably once every 5 or 6 rounds. Unless MrNaps can do the same to chet as helpme did to him, he probably isn’t leaps and bounds better than many of the top players in Cali.

      Still, his Bryan is really really flashy, and it definitely catches the audiences attention. Probably why people place him above many of the other top players in the U.S.

      BTW, you have to try and keep past successes in the past. DR is pretty different than Tekken 6. Some folks that had success in DR isn’t having getting the same amount of success in 6.

      As it stands, yeah, overall, MrNaps might be the better player, but Chet sure knows how to handle him in T6. Going by the results, anyone who isn’t familiar with MrNaps’s previous days in DR would say Chet would be a better player, and I don’t blame them.

  8. tekkenlover says:

    awsome nice pics markman, the girl who is wearing a nina custome is so hot wow

  9. Blind Ghost says:

    WHY DOES RICKY ORTIZ Dress like a QUEER ?? is he GAY ???

  10. MarkMan says:

    Quit it guys, let’s focus on topic.

  11. imlinked says:

    Anyone have the full bracket results? I wanna see (don’t feel like skipping through that immensely long stream) who was matched up with who, etc.

  12. […] has put up a results video for the TEKKEN 6 National Tournament.  It highlights the last few matches and the ultimate crowning of our TEKKEN 6 National Champion […]

  13. yahoo music says:

    yahoo music…

    This is my love…

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