TEKKEN 6 NA Championship Finalists!

As you know, the TEKKEN 6 North American Championship finals are THIS weekend in San Francisco!  With the conclusion of the GGL Online Tournament finals, we now have a complete list of the 16 representatives who will battle for the title of North American champion! If you can’t make it to SF, make sure you catch all the fun on UFRAGTV! Click below for the full list of players and a list of first round match-ups for the tournament!

The final four qualifiers were decided this past weekend through the GGL Online Tournament finals.  SDTEKKEN’s very own MarkMan made a valiant effort and placed in the top 10 but was ultimately defeated by Empire Arcadia’s Blood Red as he went on to be one of the finalists in the Xbox 360 bracket.  The other 360 finalist is Nothern California’s intellimien, Law player extraordinaire!

On the PlayStation 3 side of the GGL board, one of the Mid-West’s most consistent players TEKKEN players showed no mercy as he qualified for the finals and yet another Northern California player took the spotlight by qualifying.  Antonio Carmona and jtchinoi will both be in San Francisco fighting for the GGL final event and along with the Xbox 360 qualifiers, they’ll join in on the 16 man battle for the title of North American Champion!  Below is a list of all of our top 16 representatives!


* MrNAPS – Jimmy Tran
* chetchetty – Chetan Chetty
* Rip – Reepal Parbhoo
* SuikenUser – Mike Khieu


* MYK – Michael Kwon
* Le0C – Leon Cu
* cyborg – Jon Mathey
* aris – Aris Bakhtanians

PAX 2009

* EBM – Eduardo Dominador
* nganfiction – Ngan Pham
* Super Joe – Jesse Stafford


* insanelee – Bronson Tran


* Antonio-o-o – Antonio Carmona (PS3)
* jtchinoi – Justin Tan (PS3)
* Blood Red – Arthur Hill (360)
* intellimien – AuFinh Saechao (360)

So there you have it!  All of the qualifiers from the TEKKEN 6 pre-release tour, TEKKEN 4 & TEKKEN 5 National Champion insanelee and the 4 top players from the GGL Online tournament will all be in San Francisco, California this weekend to show us their fighting spirit!

Below is a list of each player’s first round match up!  You can see that while the majority of the entrants are from California, there is a good mix between SoCal, San Diego, NorCal among the rest from Seattle, New York, and Wisconsin!

And there you have it!  We will be releasing player bios/info very soon!  Stay tuned!  Who do you want to see take it?!

Also make sure you either attend this event or watch the stream!  There will be some special announcements that you don’t want to miss!

TEKKEN 6 North American Championship
2330 Polk Street
San Francisco, California 94109

December 12, 2009
Doors open at 5:30 PM
Main event starts at 6:00 PM

RSVP via email at: TEKKEN6@starfish-events.com
Media/Press Inquiries: apedroso@namcobandaigames.com
General Inquiries: amazer@namcobandaigames.com

71 Responses to TEKKEN 6 NA Championship Finalists!

  1. Blind Ghost says:


    Thats what you get for playing on a 360 MARKMAN !!!! chances are your arcade stick relized where you plugged it and decided to kill itself immidiatly. thus costing ou the chance to move up and triumph.

    should have went PS3 markman should have went PS3.

  2. Blind Ghost says:


  3. Blind Ghost says:

    what !?!?! a FILTER !?!?!?!
    Were not Kids man, we need to swear.

    oh wow, this sucks man.

  4. Blind Ghost says:


  5. Blind Ghost says:

    sooo…i cna type FUCK….but i cnt type V I A G R A !?!?!

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      BLIND GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’m going to BUST YOUR ASS IN TEKKEN 6!!

  6. Blind Ghost says:

    must be some kind of sensative issue down at SD-TEKKENN. its ok N8aet i Understand. we all have our issues.

    • VenoM362 says:

      Yo Ghost you missed it last night man. Some LAME came into TCO’s room last night and got pissed because we would’nt let him hit us with Yoshimitsu’s 10 hit. Because I blocked, parried, or made him whiff his 10 hit he send me a message saying I was running?! The bad part about it I was playing random all night, wasn’t even playing for real. So when I played him again random gave me Bob, and you VenoM362 don’t like or play Bob. But I shut this dumb ass out with Bob three rounds. Then he turns on his mic and starts talking shit. BTW talking shit over the PS3 knowing damn well you don’t have to face the person in REAL LIFE is a BITCH MOVE. Then him and TCO got into this huge war of words. Then when TCO was whooping his ass his punk ass pulls the plug. lol

      Oh yeah, we also played a drunk canadian.

      I’m just saying…

  7. tekkenlover says:

    speaking of tournament the new tekken crashed qualification started and were upset suchip, rain, and holeman all of them lost to newcomers in tekken i couldnt believe it

    • crazy skip says:

      new comers kicked ass…

      rain was doing so good… until BOOM! marduk with the comeback…

      sunchip lost to a hei player xC he was good…

      i wanted to see malgu’s battle… i heard he lost as well

  8. Cosmoslayer says:

    Congrats, everyone!

  9. MCPtz says:

    Pax2009 is? I’ve never heard of any of those names before, or maybe I just missed them.

    • KazSensation says:

      I do not know half the people on this list except for the EVO Players.

      I hear Northern California has good players and competition though. I think that is where “Killer Will” plays (the Mokujin Player). I think his name is Will Tran. I just noticed something…Jimmy Tran, Bronson Tran, Will Tran, are all those players related? If they are..wow! It must run in the family

    • MCPtz says:

      EBM and Super Joe are from Washington. I’m assuming EBM is tekken kids.

      I don’t know who nganfiction is.

  10. tekkenlover says:

    dude i was so pissed off when those guys lost to new comers thats just sucks it doesnt make sense all three of them lost, thats bs

  11. cappo says:

    its probably because their playing on a console

  12. JTchinoy says:

    just a clarification:
    antonio is ps3
    intell is 360
    see you all there!

  13. Super Joe says:

    =p 0_o c: :D

  14. Dilly says:

    I really don’t know who is going to walk with this, but I do know that if Blood Red takes it the west coast will never….EVER….EVER hear the end of it.

    Then again, if Antonio takes it then neither side is going to hear the end of it either.

    Good luck JT.

  15. imlinked says:

    woah… seems like they should rename this “national” tourney to a CA tourney (i mean, aside from GGL entrants)?

    Anyways, looks like loads of fun.

  16. zato009 says:

    North American Champion? Over half of these people are from California. This is more like West Coast regionals with special guest blood red. Why not invite NYC Fab? The guy who bodied the majority of these players and has just won the North East Championship. Good luck EMP Red, go beast coast.

  17. KazSensation says:

    There are more good players in California than the USA combined.

  18. JM408 says:

    I have to agree with zato009 regarding the tournament setup and qualifications. With the exception of jtchinoi (good skills online and in the arcades), Intel, Blood Red, Antonio should not be in the North America Championships! Give me a break! Those players are average at best. Ridiculous! Enjoy your few minutes of fame because there are other players out there that have far superior skills.

    Ex: 725, Jefferson, K30, Killer Will, Kor, Ricky Ortiz, etc.

    Online play is an inaccurate gauge of one’s skill due to the lag and poor game play.

    ONLINE PLAY SHOULD BE EXCLUDED! Faster players like Law, Lee, Christie, Alisa, have unfair frame advantages with online play due to lags and they frequently get free juggles because of it. It is NEVER a level playing field.

    For future North America tournaments, I do not feel that online play should be included in the qualifier. There should be 4 regional tournamnet zones (west coast, south, midwest, and east coast) at a designated arcade. That would be a fair representation for the skill that this continent represents.

    Anyone in America can go to any of those zones but you can only enter 1 tournamnet zone. The top 3 placers in each of the zones will win an entry for the North America tournament. That sounds like a fair arrangement. What does everyone think?

    With an event as large the North America Championship, the best of the best should go. I mean no disrespect to the players that won the online tournament but I am just speaking the truth and what is on everyone’s mind. I hope that the qualification requirements change for future events.

    Agree or disagree?

  19. NYtekken says:

    i definetly agree with what you and zato said and i like that idea of making the qualifier in the arcade because online sometimes could be laggy and mess you up

    most of these guys are from Cali why not call it CALI tournamnet i know a few ppl from other state that such as NYC fab that are nice and could give some of these guys a good beat down

    im in the east coast and it seem much of the fun is the west cmon show some love to the east anyways good luck to all these guys i want to see an Mrnaps vs insanelee LOL that should be the finals

  20. mr ADdicT says:

    abit of toppic any pro raven players here willing to give me some help?

    • Blind Ghost says:

      giving tips out is basically giving out your strategy, its not good to copy others strategy cause those you leanr from will always be your weaknes. its best to come up with your own mix up and juggles.

      and practice.

  21. tekkenlover says:

    @iceyoucold, man u are really crazy

  22. 16 Bit says:

    Antonio C is not “average at best”. He’s old school, he’s had success in tournaments. He just hasn’t traveled much the past few years. Dude qualified for 3 previous Tekken national tournaments and obviously that would have been before online play.

  23. SupraDoom says:

    16 Bit is right. Anyone who says that has never played him in person. Antonio can make good players look like nobodies believe me. If he had the comp of CA players ever day you would never forget who he is.

  24. Dilly says:

    I can’t believe anyone is saying Antonio is a nobody… Just a reminder that people tend to ignore the midwest entirely.

  25. JM408 says:

    There is a pecking order in the Tekken World that is widely accepted. Those that do not accept it are playing in their own little world. This is the reality:

    1) Japan
    2) Korea
    3) California

    The best players in the rest of the USA would often lose to one of our average players in California. When you play in California, you play the best of the best that our nation has to offer.

    Playing in California is like stepping into the UFC and leaving your karate dojo. The competition is that fiece here and players here get better and better.

    The selection of good players in an arcade in the rest of the USA is limited and players in other states plateau and never reach their full potential.

    I remember when nobody thought Mr. Naps could be beaten… then Mishima Star from Japan came and then Help Me from Korea came and visited the Sunnyvale and Milpitas arcade. Watch the Youtube videos yourself for the outcome. They beat Mr. Naps for one reason, they trainned with better players and Mr. Naps was the best player in California and his talent level already peaked with the play competition in the United States.

    As I noted in my last post, I hate ONLINE PLAY (see my reasons in my last post). But if you want to see how good our players are send a personal online challenge to jtchinoy. Or better yet, have your best player send an invitation to fight our Mokujin player Killer Will. Check the leaderboards. I think Chinoy is the #1 ranked Alisa player and Killer Will the #1 Mokujin player in the world right now. I assure you, it will be a humbling experience

    • MCPtz says:

      That’s funny you mention California because NYC FAB just came and outright won the Nor Cal regionals about two weeks ago. Every match I watched it was clear NYC FAB won (that’s New York City) and was the better player in general.

      The reality is it’s stupid to put California clear-cut above Texas, NYC, America, all of Europe, Australia, the Philippines, and other places. Watch out at Evo for Italy.

      Also online leader boards don’t matter much, JT would agree with me.

      • JM408 says:

        I give mad respect to NYC FAB. He came out, did his thing and the East Coast should be proud of his performance. However, I am speaking generally and not specifically about one player. How many other East Coast players won major tournaments? Now ask yourself the same question about West Coast Players. The stats don’t lie and the talent is heavily skewed towards the West Coast.

        I disagree about your second point. California (as a whole) is still better than all those other places (Philippines is debatable).

        I agree with you regarding the leaderboards. Again, Online play is not an accurate gauge of one’s skill. Faster charactrs have more advantages due to lag. i just left it there to give props to some of our better players and to allow other people to challenge them to see for themselves. Most of our top players do not play Online.

    • imlinked says:

      You sure the pecking order isn’t

      1) Korea
      2) Japan
      3) Doesn’t really matter cuz #1 and #2 are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else?

      What really sucks about Japan vs Korea is that Japan almost always have the homecourt advantage. Not only the crowd, but the sticks itself, etc.

      I mean, unless the skill gap is significant, these little advantages makes a big difference.

  26. SupraDoom says:

    I hope you show up. Don’t be surprised.

  27. […] it, the guys at SDTekken have released the bracket for the tournament, which is pictured above. They also have a preview of the tournament as well, including background on some of the […]

  28. Glenn says:

    I did a quick podcast with Suiken talking about the tournament this weekend.


    I really wish I could go, but something came up last night. Good luck to everyone competing this weekend.


  29. Rip says:

    Yeah, I have a hard time calling this tournament a “nationals” when there were no regionals like previous Namco sponsored Nationals. Regardless though, its the biggest payout for a Tekken tournament EVER. The GGL guys have a shot at like 17,500 dollars. Thats awesome. Payouts like this will attract more players to the game and I’m all for it.

    Also, there were rumors on a podcast with iamtekken.com that there may be another “nationals” next year. So we’ll see what happens with that

  30. honkey#1 says:

    what a joke

  31. schematic says:

    Yeah I played Fab last night… and I’ve watch him win Norcal regionals and NAC. And OMG. I can play and win a few vs some of the top players. And beat GM once in a blue moon. But FAB can play almost every characters in the game at God level. I could barely win 30 percent of a round. I’ve lived in japan.. and I must say Americans in General are getting one there level or above. We have had visitors from korea come to both coasts and they got bodied as well. You saw Napps vs Maddoggin. Just wait til strong style… your gonna see something special hopefully.

  32. schematic says:

    East coast players don’t have arcades to go to as well as the community is much much smaller. But based off what I’ve seen and learned. West coast people are more united, have more time and money to travel and compete, more people to practice against and have better basics tekken wise because they freely share game knowledge more with each other. But according to talent… I think east coast is overall more talented. Save for Napps. Which he is on a whole other level. Him and Fab I would consider equals. But I’d put the top people in NY up against the top people in cali anyday. Exalted vs Suikenuser, GM vs Damn near anyone lol, etc. Hell not to mention some of the ATL players and other East coast people that just really started on their journey when console release came out.

  33. […] check out the show page, SDTekken’s preview of the tournament, and our […]

  34. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Oh great FUCKING JOB MARKY,supporting fucking tekken 6!!!


  35. ZMN says:

    Well, ufrag’s “router lost power” half way through the GGL finals with JT down 2 matches to none. Been down for 10 minutes. Did JT come back or did the ling win out? anyone there?

  36. VenoM362 says:



  37. MJ says:

    congrats chet


  38. VenoM362 says:

    Insanelee wasn’t breaking throws to good against Paul.


  39. ZMN says:

    Chet did great but something strange happened with insanelee. No throw breaks, odd hop back strat and misjudged juggle distance as soon as he played chet. The chet effect or something else going on with bronson (stick/mental)?

  40. tekkenlover says:

    did someone record thses matches? does anyone have link for these matches?

  41. VenoM362 says:

    Yo MarkMan, for the few people that used pads could they set up their controllers or not?

    I’m just asking…

  42. […] TEKKEN 6 NATIONAL TOURNAMENT crowned ‘chetchetty’ as its champion this past weekend and UFRAGTV was there to capture […]

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