Korea VS Japan Friendship Match!

Concluding Korea’s MBC Game TV show, Tekken CRASH! was a special exhibition between Korea and Japan!  The two match ups featured well known Korean players Holeman and JI3MOON Ace going against Japan’s Mishimastar and Shigeru!  Click below for the full video!

Special thanks to Jon747 for uploading this video!

Match 1 – Holeman (KAZ) vs Mishimastar (KAZ)
Match 2 – JI3MOON ACE (DEV) vs Shigeru (FEN)

Please note, matches were played on Korean Tekken 6 cabinets with Fanta stick levers.  This makes a huge difference in the matchup as Japanese players use Sanwa stick levers as default.

87 Responses to Korea VS Japan Friendship Match!

  1. tenkaix says:


  2. tenkaix says:

    I understad that th diffrent in stick can almost decide a match but shit man, those japan player just stright up got owned man.

    i can understand a close call but damn they got tore up, gotta watch out for those korean players.

  3. MarkMan says:

    ^^ SBO this year will be interesting.

    Korea hasn’t won in awhile over in Japan. But then again Japan never wins in Korea either.

  4. tekken lover says:

    awsome match though it was kind of painful to watch mishimastar lose like that

  5. noodalls says:

    tenkaix must have written that on a Korean keyboard.

    Hopefully they’ll organise a good side tournament at SBO this year. 5v5 would be great.

  6. tenkaix says:

    ….uh i dont get it

    but anyway ive been checking out some of the matches on youtube and that shit is actually pretty badass.

    i was watching matches with koreas best, and this guy called kaiji was kicking ass, not oly that but hes a cocky mutha fucker, ut i guess if your kicking ass you can do that.

  7. Stridajin says:

    When I heard that there was gonna be another Tekken Crash in korea i was like cool. But is there a reason why they’re playing Tekken6.0 instead of BR?

  8. Stridajin says:

    oh yea. cute korean chicks ftw!

  9. tenkaix says:

    yeah thats another thing, why is it that they are playing tekken 6 and not BR ??

  10. Ayumi says:

    Japan will win

  11. MarkMan says:

    The reason they were playing Tekken 6 was because Tekken 6 BR was not yet available when filming first began. It was still going through the screening process and was eventually censored.

    Season 2 will feature T6BR.

  12. tenkaix says:

    ok cool glad to hear it markman, why dont they have shows like that here in the U.S man !, all we got here is that sack of shit excuse for a video game chanel called G4.

  13. ihira says:

    I’m not saying Japanese lost because of Korean stix but they should’ve had Sanwa sticks ready for the Japanese players.
    IIRC SBO and Joybox setup KOrean sticks when they went over to Japan.

  14. noodalls says:

    Did SBO have Korean sticks all the way, or just in the later rounds?

    Wish I could find a video of Matador leading the crowd in Kumbaya when swapping the Korean sticks in and out (more likely the cards) kept crashing the machine.

  15. tekken lover says:


  16. SupraDoom says:

    Anyone else notice the Crisis Core sound track in the video?

  17. tenkaix says:

    lol, yeah, lets ignore that though…it was an nice match.

  18. UndeadEwok says:

    FINISH HIM….FRIENDSHIP…friendship!?!?!?

  19. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  20. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  21. Drakfangshadow2 says:

    When Tekken 6 comes out on ps3 MarkMan & kane you guys
    will be my version of HELL

  22. Drakfangshadow2 says:

    I Will Cruch You ALL

  23. Nando says:

    Just as a reminder:

    Don’t feed the troll.

  24. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  25. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  26. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  27. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  28. Drakfangshadow2 says:


  29. Drakfangshadow2 says:

    no one can beat me in tekken no one

  30. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  32. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  33. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  34. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  35. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  36. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  37. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  38. Drakfangshadow2 says:

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  39. tekken lover says:


  40. YukioSumadera says:

    wow, give it up for fightingGM’s long lost blood relative.

  41. tekken lover says:

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  42. tekken lover says:

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  43. Ayumi says:

    What’s wrong?

  44. UndeadEwok says:

    idk, but it provided me with about 3 mins. of laughter.

  45. tekken lover says:

    he is a gay retard thats whats worng

  46. Mishima1 says:

    darkfangshadow2 I saw your link, I agree with you for sc4, and for something you said on tekken 6, but why acting like that c’mon. behave yourself and keep cool. ;)

  47. Nando says:

    DarkFangshadow, you listen to Evanescence?! HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don’t even have to view your video. I stopped right there because you listen to a puss band.

  48. YukioSumadera says:

    wow, I made a sad mistake. you can’t possibly be related to fightingGM.
    fightingGM actually has match vids and tourney results to somewhat back up his trash talk.

    you’ve got words……..and only words, and that don’t mean a fucking thing.

    what a fucking tool.

  49. YukioSumadera says:

    You’re still playing Dark Resurrection? What a joke.

  50. Storm says:


  51. DarkFag says:

    “100 bucks $ that i will never get banned” -DarkFangshadow2…


  52. MarkMan says:

    Goodbye DarkFangshadow2. Learn to use the internet.

  53. MarkMan says:

    Damn… I’m too lazy to delete all the old comments lol.

  54. Nando says:

    Thank god you were able to do that Markman.

  55. tenkaix says:

    fucking guy sounded like he had mental issues in his vid, was that him ???

    guya like that end up cereal killers, i can see it now

    Victim : plzz let me go ! i didnt do anything!

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  56. UndeadEwok says:

    i hope kane doesnt have a website for that guy to troll on ha!!!

    give me alt mod rights and i will clean them up haha!

  57. tekken lover says:

    yeah mark man you should ban his ass from tekken zaibatsu long time ago, he is insane

  58. MarkMan says:

    He was banned already, not sure who banned him but his attitude was unacceptable.

  59. tenkaix says:

    hes not insiane just fucking retarded.

  60. tenkaix says:

    markman you said your going to add a customazation section, is it going to be for T6 or T6 blood rebellion ??

  61. Fleakitten says:

    Besides not being able to understand a word of this video, the thing that bothers me the most is that I CAN’T PLAY THIS GAME YET.

  62. Demon says:

    Hey guys what you think About The Tekken Movie Thats Coming Out i think its going to be bad

  63. tenkaix says:

    i think its goign to be good actually for once, looking at the cast they have nothign but talented actors.

    cung lee as LAW, luke goss as steve fox , gogo, as lin xiaou

  64. Demon says:

    Yeah I give it a try but so many movies base on video just boring to watch

  65. Demon says:

    Hope it turns out good
    been playing TEKKEN for a long time

  66. Demon says:

    TEKKEN Movie Sound like a good topic to talk about on

  67. Demon says:

    i want TEKKEN 6 To come watching youtube matches is boring im still playin Tekken 5 DR on PS3 so i can get ready for TEKKEN 6

  68. Fleakitten says:

    I hope ppl grow up in this game. I versus so many cry babies in T5:DR. One guy booted me from his friendslist cause I beat him the most with Lee. I wasn’t spamming grabs or anything.

  69. Demon says:

    Dude know what you mean lot noobs online
    one guy send me a hate mail
    sayin i cheated

  70. undeadewok says:

    scrubs will say your cheating if you beat them with any thing. juggling is cheap, throwing is cheap, wall combos are cheap. cry babies will cry, its our job to keep this shit elite jk.

  71. tenkaix says:

    i agree that there are some that do cry like little bitches, but Julias elbow, and eddy is bull shit, i use to have prolems with lili, but i figured her ass out.
    now i take them out 1 by 1 with raven…RAAAVEEENNNN!!!!


  72. tenkaix says:

    god this is the gamer for me man, i have to wait 6 more fucking moths for it to come out, damn it man.

    does namco understand the replaybility of tekken ?? do they understand that i have been playing tekken 5 for over 5 years now, thsi is the only game i go back to.

    i mean sure there was NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA, i played that like 4 times, but tekken replayability is fucking thorugh the roof, ive been playing DR for 5 years and when theres nothing to play adventure wise, i always play tekken.

    its liek the game that just keep on giving man, i thin kthe customazation helps too, cause i like to customise my characters and then take them out online… RAVEN with double ninjato, raven with red scarf black outfit red knife ropes no glasses. ninja raven with red outfit with balck samurai face guard.

    the combinations are…well not endless but, i like switching them up a lot.

    i just hope they dont fuck up customazation in T6 because of the Unspoken console we all hate.

  73. tenkaix says:

    im gonna start calling it the leper 360

  74. Ayumi says:

    Aww… over so soon?

  75. Ric says:

    Hwoarang is a very complicated character, but still he is my primary character. Hwoarang may have the most risky attacks but there are a lot of unique things abou that charcter tho. still if you master hwoarang like Maddog-Jin did, it will defntly rain feet all over the place. im still trying to adopt hwoarang’s new bound moves and tactics, bcos t6 just arrived in our place, like almost 2 weeks. im still used to T5DR AWK! but tekken 6 rules. making the T5DR look like an 8bit game lol. kidding. for now my tekken skill is back to zero bcos i have to adopt t6’s new system, and we need expriencd t6 players to kick our asses so that can learn more.

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