The Dream Match Revisited

360 Gamer reports that Tekken Team’s Katsuhiro Harada is still open to a possible Tekken VS Virtua Fighter game.  You might remember an old newspaper advertisement back in 2001 pitting VF vs Tekken… Déjà vu?  It’s a well known fact that Sega’s AM2 and Namco’s Tekken Team would often have lunch with each other… But did you know that they actually took it a step further?  For the full story, click below!

SOURCE – 360 Gamer – Namco still up for Tekken vs. VF

Namco still up for Tekken vs. VF, control system tested

But there would be ‘many difficulties’, says Harada

Namco is still interested in doing a Tekken vs. VF title, according to Tekken 6 director Katsuhiro Harada.

Namco has openly expressed its desire to bring the two genre-leading heavyweights together on several occasions in the past – a desire that’s not gone away.

Speaking to 360 Gamer, Harada said that a Tekken vs. VF game had come so close to happening on a few occasions, that Namco had even tested elements of the gameplay that could go into such a game.

“The truth is that I have been working to fulfil this dream from over ten years ago,” Harada replied, when asked if such a game could happen.

“There were several occasions on which it came close to realisation. Opinions may vary, but I have wanted to do this for a long time. Therefore, the chance is not zero. It is possible.

“However, there would be many difficulties during actual development. First off, which team would develop it? I have some ideas for the controls and fighting system. Some parts have even been tested.

“It’s really up to the fans and whether they want it. If you have opinions about this, please send them to me!”

Harada didn’t mention how things were looking at the moment. But with Mario & Sonic at the Olympics having done well for Sega, hopefully we’ll see its other great franchise given the chance to link up with its biggest rival.

Here are some old pictures from the 2001 PlayStation 2 event courtesy of Defensor!


73 Responses to The Dream Match Revisited

  1. tenkaix says:

    THAT Would be fucking awsome if they made this a reality…oh and FUCK 360 GAMER, good for nothing piece of shit console.

  2. […] noventas pero hasta el día de hoy jamas había escuchado algo tan “oficial”: Gracias a SDTekken nos enteramos de que el director de Tekken 6, Katsuhiro Harada, ha dado una entrevista a 360 Gamer […]

  3. acg137 says:

    I never actually played a VF game other than once in PS2 i think… I think it would be something interesting. Still, although VF did coin a lot of things in Tekken, Tekken still has the upper hand with respect to game popularity :)

    And besides, King > all :P kidding :)

  4. Farhan says:

    It’ll never happen

    There are far too many characters in tekken compared to the lame 20 in VF

  5. Fleakitten says:

    I really don’t care for VF. I know alot of ppl do but Tekken is my fav fighter.

    Tekken vs DOA on the other hand, I’d pay to play that.

  6. Demon says:

    i would love to see that it will bring fans of both series togther and stop Bashing each other on which game is better plus that will really piss off Tomonobu Itagaki

  7. Demon says:

    that guy aways hatin on TEKKEN

  8. chemicalRed says:

    Thatd be cool

  9. Demon says:


  10. Fleakitten says:

    That Itagaki has issues.

    Thankfully now that he’s been kicked out maybe we’ll see a DOA and Tekken cross over.

  11. Demon says:

    itagaki aways disses tekken in interviews
    he just a hater and a fanboy

  12. tenkaix says:

    doa and tekken..can you really put both those games in one sentence ??

    and whats with all the hate on VF man i have alot of respect for VF the fighting system is really deep, you really need to use everyting you have to win, Tekken v.s VF now thats a game

    Dragunov V.s Goh hinogami, Jacky bryant V.s Marshal , or Lion v.s Leo…tat would be amazing, and if they added tag mode that would just be over kill.

    both companies would make a kiling from that game.

  13. Demon says:

    doa vs tekken might not look right

  14. UndeadEwok says:

    you would be lucky to see a DOA 5, with all the legal issues Itagaki Vs. team ninja/tecmo…

    VF vs tekken would be pretty interesting if done right.
    i think its kinda long over due!!!

  15. coilover says:

    This is the kinda thing that will keep Tekken alive and going strong for years to come =) I’ve never been a big VF fan but something like this might get me into it a bit. It would be interesting to see how they balance this out 4 sure…

  16. Demon says:

    but right now Vf vs Tekken wont happen any time soon
    Virtua Fighter 5 R & TEKKEN 6 BR
    isnt out on the consol version yet

  17. […] to see VF vs Tekken here we go again, topik yang sudah berkali kali diangkat. dejavu bahkan. The Dream Match Revisited SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource! jadi berangan angan Sarah Bryant vs. Nina Williams (duel cewe pirang) Jacky vs. Paul (duel cowo […]

  18. Kernkraft says:

    Demon’s right. I don’t thing it would be that hard to balance in terms of frame adv. imo the control system would be the biggest issue. I can’t imagine a virtua fighter redesigned to LP RP LK RK, or tekken with a guard button…
    I think it would’ve been easier to port back in 2001, not now.

  19. Demon says:

    NAMCO & Sega has a good concept and is better than MK VS DC

    But They will have problems trying to balance the engine and it has to have good story
    to back it up

  20. dbostick says:

    VF and Tekken are two completely different games with different… everything. If they actually made VF vs. Tekken, there would be an endless argument that the game felt too much like Tekken or maybe felt too much like VF. It would be nearly impossible for them to strike a perfect balance between the engines and please everyone.

  21. Demon says:

    question for MarkMan when are going to upload a video on youtube?

  22. Poio says:

    I don’t like that idea..
    Tekken and VF are soooo different games! That’s impossible..

    And I wish that will not happen..

  23. Zooop says:

    Who cares if you don’t like a crossover? Don’t play it, then. I’m going to assume most of the haters here didn’t give Namco x Capcom a try because ‘it wasn’t Tekken.’

    And combining two different fighting games isn’t such a difficult concept – you take the control scheme of whichever game the characters come from (ie, Tekken controls when you play a Tekken character, VF controls for VF characters), tweak the air juggle properties a little so that both games aren’t quite the same and there you go.

    You could even apply that to DOA – just reduce the reverse window for DOA characters or increase the window for Tekken characters. Air juggles should probably not be affected too strangely, hell, you could probably even keep Bound and Rage in place and pow, Tekken vs. DOA. Easy-peasy.

  24. tekken lover says:

    no, it will destroy tekken’s fighting style i dont like the idea hope it wont happen,

  25. The Real Question says:

    Block button or no block button???

  26. acg137 says:

    Yeah what bugs me is how will the system play.. I don’t think each character will follow their respective system unless its a PS3 exclusive game wherein they’ll maximize that bluray data :\

  27. Ayumi says:

    Virtua Fighter was actually an anime.

  28. Nando says:

    Well, my two cents:

    To me this is a similar argument to the crossover between Capcom VS. SNK 1 or 2.

    The first version, Capcom used SNK’s system of buttons but used their own combo system
    The second version, Capcom changed the button layout to their own, but SNK’s characters were completely fleshed out for the most part, unlike CVS1. SNK players would have to just suffice with what they had in the system’s play mechanics and learn Capcom’s Version. Granted, SNK did make their own version but it was less successful.

    I think that the same problems would arise with a Tekken vs. VF game:
    1. If the game is based on the 4-limb style of Tekken, VF’s players would end up being turned off by the system (and consider the vice versa as well, if they ended up using the 3 button attack w/ block button) and how moves would transfer with the change of attack layout.
    2. The effects of moves in either game must be balanced out depending on what system is used for the game, and because that would be really difficult, fans from either side would also become a bit turned off by character discrepancies from either side. (such as how some throws/stuns/frame advantages/Tekken’s supers/damn near anything anyone can complain about in either game and the lack of a faithful crossover)
    3. The combo/physics system (VF’s inital float-style, or Tekken’s juggle heavy/bounce style).

    But, just how some SNK players had to simply adjust to Capcom’s fighting system, Tekken/VF players would just have to suck it up and do the same. That’s the thing about ‘fans’. Fan being short for ‘fanatic’, we are or should…be welling to forgive a change in a system for the ability for a crossover to happen, and the work that could be put out from the AM2/Tekken camps to make it a possibility and watch an epic game unfold. Regardless of system or game style, I’d definately play it.

  29. Ayumi says:

    They will only destroy tekken.

  30. Nando says:


  31. Fallin215 says:

    If anything i wouldve thought Doa Vs VF would be the best idea they have alot of similarities

  32. Nando says:

    @Fallin: I think they do have similarities, but the sole fact that Itegaki is a douchebag, and the counter heavy system/Mash-Friendly style of DOA is a bigger problem. To me they also have a priority problem as well. I enjoyed the series, but the game feels more wishy-washy than I want it to (I’m not too keen on the tech aspects of DOA…just didn’t play it enough. There are H/M/L/UnB/Throws/Counter, but their prioroites to some of the moves (and the fact that a throw neer lands while the opponent is offensive or that sidestepping never works because everyone tracks well).

    • tenkaix says:

      DOA characters Track welll……Its a Fucking lock on System !, theres no point in side stepping. that combo is gonna go through all the way reagrdless what you do.
      oh and dont forget the explosive missle silos for MASSIVE DAMADGE !

  33. Nando says:

    *never and sorry for the double parentheses

  34. Nando says:

    wow sorry for the typos in general. 9_9

  35. tenkaix says:

    OK heres how were gona settle this DOA thing

    DOA IS SHIT , DOA IS A BUTTON MASHER, DOA HAS NO FUCKING STORY yes i have played it the ending make no fucking sense.



    FUCKING JOKE. because it owuld be the equivalent of BUYING A FERRARI then TAKING A SHIT IN IT.

    Sorry no missles silos to slam your opponent in for huge explosive wall damadge in tekken.

    plz stop comparing QUALITY GAMES TO SHIT plz, the fact that Itagaki hated tekken tell you a lot about his game. for fuck sake the guy though namco stole his ideas, ad he thought this up to tekken 4.

    DOA is shit, i cant play that thing for more than 5 minuites, ater that i just fucking lose intrest.

  36. tenkaix says:

    as or nando and the CVS thing, yeah i was about ot post that erleir but i had to work.

    i was thinking maybe they can do Sega Groove/ namco Groove, sort of like SNK groove / Capcom Groove.

    i think that would leave everyone happy.

  37. MarkMan says:

    It’s interesting, before Harada commented that Dead or Alive 2 was a simple/easy game Itagaki used to claim that the Tekken series were his favorite.

    I believe there was an old magazine interview where he stated that he looked up to the Tekken series prior to him being all rockstarish lol.

  38. Acecalibur says:

    OMFG…I’ve been dreaming of this since Virtua Fighter 4 came out. And I finally see a possibility of it now.

    This would potentially the greatest fighting game in existence. I started out as a Tekken fan in the beginning with Tekken 2, but I really fell in love with VF with part 4. Over the years, I’ve been thinking of potential ways for a game like this to work, and it’s very tough.

    I came up with sort of a “Groove” system, very similar to what Capcom did with CvS 2. It wouldn’t necessarily be NEEDED for the game to work, but I think it really makes things more interesting.

    I believe it would serve well for “what if” scenarios, and for fans of the game that have a GAMEPLAY PREFERENCE. Like for those who don’t like Virtua Fighter, or can’t stand Tekken, but really want to play the game.

    VF and Tekken are two very different games. However, imagine choosing a Tekken character for example, and then choosing VF style or groove for that character to use and vice-versa.

    Instead of Tekken style 10-hit combos and what-not, that character would be able to use VF abilities like Down Attacks, Evading-Throw escapes, Wall Attacks, PGK recoveries, and the overall VF physics.

    Or imagine Jacky or Kage using “Tekken Groove” giving them 10-hit combos, insane juggles, unblockable moves, and hold-back blocking.

    It would still take a LOT of balancing and compromising from both development teams, but I really think it would work best like this.

  39. Acecalibur says:

    @tenkaix: I see we had the same idea lol

    My dream matches include:

    Kage-Maru(my VF main) vs Raven
    Nina vs Sarah Bryant
    King vs Wolf(now thats a rivalry)
    Craig Marduk vs Jeffry Mcwild
    Lion Rafale vs Lee Chaolan
    Bruce Irving vs Brad Burns
    Akira vs Kazuya or Jin
    Lau vs Heihachi
    Lei Wulong(my Tekken main) vs Shun Di
    Ganryu vs Taka-Arashi
    Lei-Fei vs Feng Wei(Bad ass)

    Man they just have to do this.

    • tenkaix says:

      yeah agreed

      Lei-Fei vs Feng Wei would be a badass match.

      or how about Mokujin v.s Dural ??

      But Kage-Maru V.S Raven ???

      Raven would tear his ass up LOL, with all of those disappearing tricks LOL.

      nah but the idea would be amazing.

  40. Demon says:

    i agreed on what you said about DOA IS Shit
    any could get good at the game
    if any said that game is better than TEKKEN Street Fighter or Virtua Fighter
    they dont know shit about fighting games

  41. pixel says:

    I think it could succeed as long as both teams agree to really do a totally new system, adding in various elements of both games. Perhaps, five button gameplay as a start to be it’s own game.

  42. tenkaix says:

    ya markman i remember that article i think it was in spanish too if recall correctly, he was actually a big fan of tekken, but yeah the hate started i think after tekken Tag because they interviewed ” Harada” and thats when he said DOA was a basic game , and not really very deep.

    and thats what started the war between Itagaki & Harada, in fact because of sonys association wiht Tekken Itagaki started to hate on both Sony and Tekken.

    BUt fuck him anyway, he’s just a fucking Drunk.

    Asshole made one badass and he thinks hes god.

    Look at miyamoto, well actually Miyamoto talks shit too, but Hideo Kojima doesnt, guys has 2 AAA titles under his belt : MGS, Z.O.E ad hes very humble and respects other games. same with SUDA 51, very cool guy i heard hes working with EA now on a new game.

    Itagaki needed to go man, he was a fucking Cumm Stain.

  43. Jonman says:

    Would be interesting. The thing is though, as with any union of fighters, it will probably take several attempts for any developer to strike a balance between two fighting games with very different fighting mechanics. It was hard enough in the cvs games, tekken vs vf will be much harder. One of the games will have to give way in terms of fighting dynamics. Anyway i like both games, i expect them to make an imperfect game, all i really want though is Tekken tag 2…..

  44. tenkaix says:

    I mean DOA is bad comparedto games like VF and TEKKEN.

    but theres worse, theres always MK, now compared to that DOA is pretty good. or the 3d SNK games like

    SO DOA is bad compared to serious Fighters, but to C tierd fighters its number 1

  45. mizzo says:

    Hey MarkMan, you should also post the massively long GamePro interview. It’s on their front page, but here’s a link:

    Harada even mentions the possibility of a Wii Tekken.

    • Demon says:

      Harada should not do a WII TEKKEN that will be so gay
      they will downgrade the game to fucking Hell
      I Sold the wii for a PS3 a Year ago

      • tenkaix says:

        yeah agree, im all for next gen consoles, if it was up to me if would just be the PS3 of course, but the Wii, thats like a fucking tack on man.

        i just dont want my PS3 copy fucked with, that’s all i care about right now, i want that shit ported straight from the arcade.

  46. tenkaix says:

    you wanna know why i hate companies like gamepro , IGN , and GAMESPOT, its because they ask stupid shit like this

    “Soulcalibur IV’s create-a-character mode was a huge hit, and Tekken 6 is getting a lot more character customization options. Do you think it will be as flexible as the character creation in SCIV? Will people be able to recreate famous characters from other mediums? ”

    Stupid Cunt reporter no one wants that shit, fucking asshole trying to stir up shit that no one wants.

    Creat a shit was garbage, fucking retard.

    • Demon says:

      i stop playin Soulcalibur IV people suck on online
      spaming on the same attacks over and over plus people
      were using create characters that look fucking retard
      some look cool but the rest is shit

      customizising your characters look better than creating IMO

      • tenkaix says:

        its not the people, the game is just broken , they had to patch that shit like 3 times, cause Ivy had an infinite ou couldnt roll out from she just kept juggling you.

        lets face it folks SOUL CALIBUR is NOW officialy or casuals, the whole creat a soul thing was wrong from the start.

        Its so tacky its almost sad to see one of those creations. i cant even find the word for how bad that feature was.

        I dont want that shit for tekken, man i cant belevie i went from playing so many wonderful games my whole child hood, to now, when im depending on one game to make me happy. i mean TEKKEN was one then there was SOUL CALIBUR, MGS, Z.O.E , ACE COMBAT , and now its down to one game that has yet to let me down, TEKKEN.

        God i hope harada lives for a hundered years just so he can keep making them, this is the only fighter left that i actually get mad over when they fuck aroudn with .


        SC 1 and SC 2 is as good as its gonna get, its not gonna get any better. its over for SC, its gone down the drain.

  47. Demon says:

    I Fucking Hate Ign There game reviews are bullshit
    they do good movie reviews but there game reviews
    Flat out suck

  48. KENTOIRC says:


  49. KENTOIRC says:

    • tenkaix says:

      uhh dude honey isnt from Virtua fighter, shes from ” FIGHTING VIPERS” remember the SEGA SATURN, it looks ROM-ISH man , i dont know, are you sure thats from sega ??

      • Demon says:

        @ tenkaix one question do you think street fighter 4 online sucks
        i got sick of the game
        ken ryu akuma that all i see

  50. tenkaix says:

    you know bro, heres my PSN were gonna get along just fine.


    and yes i got tired of shotos just as bad as you did, i liked Vega i Loved ” Bloody High Claw” it was an awsome super, fortunatly , hes a charge character, and going against someone that has a quick circle forwad or a quick circle back ward motions for all his moves is well, basicaly…your fucked, and of course they abuse that shit,

    i had people playing ranked matches that pick shotos, not only that…but they set the time limit to 30 seconds and spamm the shit out of fire balls from the corner. so they win regrdless of strategy or not cause they can just sit there and give it.

    The reason tekken is badass is for many reasons.

    but mainly for 2 reasons,

    1. no one has projectiles, and
    2. anyone can beat anyone if your good enough with your character.

    thts what i love about tekken its the most blanaced game i have ever played, i have to say.

    street fighter though…… in my OP the characters themselves arn’t really balanced, i think 3d strike was the most blanced SF of all, the parry system was awsome, and the characters all had weknesses and strenths, unlike the SF II crew which was like you either had ” it” or you didnt. if you didnt then it gonna be tough as shit to win a fight or if your playing agaisnt a pro near to impossible.

  51. Demon says:

    PSN DragonGodFist180

    I had to make my psn
    because off my jack ass brother change the password

  52. Zooop says:

    As far as altered control settings go, clearly everyone who says it would “break Tekken” have no faith in Tekken’s appeal, nor did they play SC2 on PS2. If they did, they would learn how wrong they are.

  53. anan says:

    How if … the basic system is not a 1-on-1 or tag fighting game. So Namco/Sega can make a ‘NEW’ basic command button. I love Death By Degress, Namco X Capcom, Urban Reign, even Mario & Sonic at Olympic Games. I know they bring old character, but they bring a new system too, and its fun to play IMO.

  54. Ayumi says:

    These people were only exploring new things that will lead to destroy tekken games.

  55. UndeadNemesis says:

    I read that there is possibility of a Tekken VS Streetfighter release.

  56. coilover2005 says:

    I love how A LOT of people are saying “That will NEVER happen!” about Tekken vs. VF and any cross over for that matter. I remember when just about every Tekken fan out there was in belief that Tekken would NEVER come to the Xbox saying “That will NEVER happen!”… Well now it’s a reality.

    If everyone kept an open mind they would see that it is FANTASTIC for the fighting game genre all together. PERIOD! The more Tekken hype the better I.M.O!

  57. PaulPlaya says:

    Quite frankly the games are too different in my opinion for there to be a successful crossover between the two. Fans of either series will never really be satisfied.

  58. howbout says:

    how about Tekken char’s have their button layout. VF fighters have their button layout. Both parties will be happy. Just needs a system to support both.

  59. Aldrin P. says:

    Tekken has better graphics. but cartoonish physics.
    VF has better physics. but slower than tekken imo.
    They’re much too much different to work together.

  60. Aldrin P. says:

    that brad character’s pretty cool though. a white bruce lol

  61. wing says:


    Many years ago, people said Capcom vs SNK was impossible.

    never say never again.

  62. […] E você, qual crossover gostaria de ver? Eu quero acreditar em Tekken vs Virtua Fighter. Um dia… […]

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