DUÆL 2v2 Tournament Results!

The DUÆL 2v2 Tournament crowns Team IAMTEKKANE (MYK/Kane) for TEKKEN 6 and Team No Blocking (Combofiend/CaliPower) for Street Fighter IV.  Click below for full results and pictures.

7 Responses to DUÆL 2v2 Tournament Results!

  1. Blind Ghost says:

    FIRST !!!!!!!!! AGAIN !!!!!!

  2. Cosmoslayer says:

    LOL. IAMTEKKANE. What a team name. :D

  3. I need to face Kane again! Lili vs Lili, the first set was too close.

  4. The Invincible says:

    Wow… Good shit MYK and Kane! Congratulations!

  5. The Invincible says:

    BTW, any youtube videos?

  6. L_Z_N says:

    more like…IAMBrokane
    since those 2 players are so broken.. j/k

    congrats guys.. *thumbs up

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