Limited Edition Ganmetall Celsius Tribute Series 4: DEVIL JIN From TEKKEN!

Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica’s latest creation in their Ganmetall Celsius Tribute Series centers around our good friend, “DEVIL” Jin Kazama! The limited 5 piece run of this vinyl figure is sure to strike fear into hardcore collectors around the world. At the steep price of $280 USD you can get your very own vinyl DJ. Click below for more photos and info! Thanks to barona casino for the heads up!

Robotox Vinyl Anatomica: Ganmetall Celsius Series 4 – “Devil” Jin Kazama

Click image for larger version ^^

Where To Buy:

18 Responses to Limited Edition Ganmetall Celsius Tribute Series 4: DEVIL JIN From TEKKEN!

  1. ICEYOUCOLD says:



  2. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Those things are kinda cool too.

  3. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    They could of put those metal dots,on his guantlets

  4. x says:

    who the fucks gonna pay 300 for that?

  5. Zooop says:

    That much money for THAT? How fucking big is it, like 5 feet?

  6. chemicalRed says:

    LOL, cool.
    But it is pretty expensive

  7. Val says:

    280 USD? LOL!!!!!! That’s too much to ask for something like that lol!

  8. Spitfire says:

    Why so much emphasis on Devil Jin and not Devil Kazuya? BRING BACK DEVIL KAZUYA!!!!!!!

  9. PhantomJ says:

    I think I can make something like that myself with around $40 max. Must be the “limited” appeal.

  10. crazy skip says:

    im sure people who know how to look around for items and stuff to make that DVJ vinyl will find it cheaper to ask someone else to make it for them or make it themselves (if they know how)…

    280USD is rip off.. no offence.. it looks cool but the price kind of kills it.. limited edition? really… it just doesnt have that limited edition look to it… IMO

  11. DrBhup666 says:


    Like everything in life….

  12. dara says:

    lol @ this post

  13. RKM 13 says:

    Looks like a market knock-off.

  14. VirtuaFighterR says:

    Tekken sucks VF FTW

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