Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Virtua Fighter 4 had Evo and Final Tuned so it’s not a suprise that SEGA’s recently announced the 3rd version of VF5 – Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. The game is going to be released on arcades but no tip about the date was said during AOU2010 where the announcement was made. Final Showdown will include new costumes and items, as well as some gameplay changes. Click below for the official trailer.

This trailer can be downloaded from the official site.


16 thoughts on “Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

    1. I think VF deserves a lot of love since it’s a great fighting game.

      Plus, some people were speculating that maybe Tekken vs. VF crossover is on the way but, as you can see, SEGA is now working on the Final Showdown. Moreover, since they are busy now, the console version of VF5R (remember the petition? ) may either be:
      – delayed because of SEGA being busy
      – not be released at all
      – not be released because SEGA’s planning to release a home version of Final Showdown

    1. No. That is Taka Arashi who had first appeared in 3tb and then he returned in VF5R. The 2nd new character (if you compare it to VF5, not R) is Jean.

  1. It’s really annoying to see people talk shit about quality fighting games.

    I only play Tekken right now, but there is no reason for me to not respect the other fighting games out there. The constant bickering in the fighting game community is so stupid.

  2. VF is better that Tekken 6. At least a fighting gen lover like myself can rank up in VF. VF online has no lag.

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