Crazy Bryan Combo Video

If you are tired of combo videos that concentrate on the highest possible damage then you should definitely check a new combo video by 36*Crazyfists. This guy shows some really unorthodox Bryan stuff and if you are looking for a definition of ‘creativity’, start by watching this movie.


13 thoughts on “Crazy Bryan Combo Video

  1. I just watched the vid. Really good stuff. Definitely some unusual combos. I think what I found most “unorthodox” is his use of d+1+2,f ; I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done in between combos like that. I normally just do it after a bound move (b+1) at the wall.
    Anyway, good stuff.

  2. ok i play bryan a little and that guy definetly is nasty with him although his combo vid was really good but i found these two to be much more impressive

    i mean no offense to him his bryan is really good but really i enjoyed these two more than i enjoyed this one so maybe i could share

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