Global Championship Final Videos

TV02Channel has uploaded videos from last weekend’s TEKKEN 6 Global Championship Finals from Tokio. Be sure to watch the videos in case you’ve missed the UFRAG.TV stream or had some technical problems watching it and see how the players from all around the world competed to achieve The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2010 title!

45 Responses to Global Championship Final Videos

  1. 0kills says:

    first… but …. I heard this tournament was laggy?


  2. Spikehunter says:

    yay 2nd, gee’d to wtach these :P

  3. chemicalRed says:

    Cool. Thanks for the update.

  4. glenn says:

    oh my god you guys find out now bout this tournament on this channel!!!!!!!!!!! watched it all on the day

  5. Doomshine says:

    Laggy monitors aside, it looked like a pretty cool event.

  6. Blind Ghost says:

    Whats up with all of these Blind Ghost immitations ??

  7. Blind Ghost says:

    There can only Be one Blind Ghost !

    oh and ICEYOUCOLD sorry for deleting you i have a new account and i missed a couple of people on my friends list. anyway heres my new PSN but keep in mind i dont have have internet anymore. so im gona be out for a good couple of months.

    Legendarykenshi. hope to see you in a couple of months.

  8. Blind Ghost says:

    anyway no point in wasting time lets get down to the meat of things.

    first of all the Tournament.

    where should i start , Congrats to Korea…AGAIN ! but in all honesty this time i was rooting for Japan, to be more specific, correct me if i spelled it wrong ” Yu” the FENG WAY PLAYER, that made it to second.

    Hes pretty much the guy to represent Japan for me, anyway, as for korea Nin did a great job and so did JDR ?? is that right ?? europe was well played as well.

    now to the excuse makers, TEAM AMERICA..i mean wow, just wow. i couldnt believe what i was hearing from them.

    JETLAG….seriously ?? thats a valid excuse for losing ?? or 8 milasecond lagg ??

    at least Genuis ” from EUROPE” went out like a man and admitted that Koreans and japanese are far superior at tekken, or any fighter for that matter, even though he tried his best.

    he got my respects , he did well , tried his best and was on his way.

    but the U.S just shamed this country to lvls i cant even begin to describe, especially Aris.

    Markman you should have never let him comment, cause he made a bad situation worse.

    if he was having trouble with the so called ” LAGG ” how did everyone else do it ??

    how did the koreans europeans and japanese advance ??

    and there was the other excuse , of JETLAGG LOL, umm you know someone should tell aris that JETLAG only affects you on the first night not two days after youve been in japan rested then the tournament started.

    Mr. Naps got eliminated but a JACK 6 ??? seriously brian fury lost to JACK 6 ??

    Team U.S has a lot of work cut out for them. they sriously need to get to work cause this tourny was an embarassment. they didnt last a second. same with chet he didnt last a sec either.

    this tourny was all about KOREA vs JAPAN europe and U.S were just flies in the way.

    as for UFRAG they did a great job covering the event, but one thing that didnt make me happy was that they only covered players from the STATES next time a bit of variety guys , thanks.

    as for everyone else yes Im back after a long and resful slumber , i am back.

  9. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Thanks I couldn’t watch it because I had to go to school.

  10. tekkenlover says:

    that was awsome and aris u were great i whish u could make it to semi-final

  11. Blind Ghost says:

    Its great to be back

  12. Blind Ghost says:

    I wonder if madogjin still around is still around

  13. Blind Ghost says:

    does anyone know hwo to change the avatars to something you like ??

    • chemicalRed says:

      I asked that question a while back. Got no no answer :/

      • Blind Ghost says:

        well venom said a couple months back someone posted a link to a website where you had to log in and post a pic or somethign or other, but he couldnt remember. ya i want my raven pic up there.

        hey markman an idea how to get my custom avatar to show ??

  14. Blind Ghost says:

    im trying to figure it out but it wont do it

  15. Blind Ghost says:

    craps ive been trying but so far cant get it to work if anyone knows how let me know.

  16. tekkenlover says:


  17. Blind Ghost says:

    ya…well all of that got taken away when he started with the excuses. about lagg and jet lagg.

    seriously does he think were stupid or something everyone had the same tvs.

  18. tekkenlover says:

    i remember watching aris and seeing him kicking ass and winning tournament back in U.S during the launch of tekken 6 on ps3. aris is extremly talented i never heard what he said nor i care, i know what i saw, this guy means business, his first match he beat the crap out of the steve player, poor guy didnt know what hit him lol, his speed and his continous attacks were amazing in this game,his mind game is really good when both he and his opponents were low at health ( rage mode) he knew when to strike mid or low, i just loved watching his gameplay, out of all 4 people that he played with, NOBODY had easy time against him thats for sure. no disrespect to other tekken players , but i truly believe that aris is the best tekken player in U.S

  19. 0kills says:

    watched the whole thing… and yeah… lag seems like an issue…

    I mean, who the hell gets hit by steve’s db2 multiple times in a row in the open?

    MR.NAPS not applying B! UF+3 dash taunt, no CH4 juggle…?

    on the other hand, someone did hei’s ewgf,ewgf, f+3, ewgf, d1 B! cd441

    also just for the sake of personal comparisons, the lag on my ps3’s worse than whenever I have psp wireless sessions with my friends…

  20. friedricewithtekken says:

    yeah ASIA baby! tenininin ninin tintin tintin

  21. Blind Ghost says:

    WOW…are you the ones that were up there or something ?? you seem to be defending this issue like it was you guys up there. cause that would be pretty sad.

    Listen i dont sugar coat shit, the U.S Players need to get their heads out of their asses, they sucks…PERIOD. compared to the rest of the WORLD…they SUCK, you can talk about aris whooping on some guy here in kentuky or virginia or cali or whatever, but my point is as a whole…those guy that went up there our so called BEST OF THE BEST in the U.S.

    didnt stand a shit of a chance against the Koreans and Japanese players.

    and instead of going out like pros and saying we fought a good fight but in the end they were better so we need to practice, they went out like Little Bitches and complained about LAGG and JET-LAGG.

    thats all im sayin….they need to wake up and take their game to a whole new LVL cause right now they aint winning shit. all they are doing is playing the scrubs among each other here in the U.S. and that dont count for nothing when you get embarassed on streaming live network.

  22. 0kills says:

    no, but were you? :)

  23. Blind Ghost says:

    no, i wasnt but, seriously, they need to get thier game up. they didnt even advance .

  24. NYtekken says:

    well i actually have to agree with blindghost, before i use to think that the order from best to weakest was
    The best of the rest

    but it seems to me that the europeans did a better job in the tournaments than US did that lucho83cor(jack 6) surprised me when he beat naps. In my opinion Aris did the best out of all our US players they were even hyping him up im glad he put dragunov to good use as he is my favorite character

    To tell you the truth i thought the europeans were goin to lose easily but i was really wrong. I mean no offense to our US players or anything but I really thought so.

    WTF happen to insanelee was he the first guy eliminated?
    he only showed up for the presentation then he was never shown again

  25. 0kills says:

    yea genius paul crazey!

    • Blind Ghost says:

      ya genuis did very well in that tourny…see i told yu 0 kills, its just B.S man

      that whole lagg crap as nothing but excuses, if that was the case why didnt Genuis say anything about it when he was being interviewd.

      something to think about.

  26. MarkMan says:

    Blind Ghost, please quit bringing it up.

    Everyone that was there, everyone that played on the TVs. We all knew there was lag, just because you didn’t hear anyone else mention it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. After NIN won he even knew/acknowledged that the lag made it unplayable for most contestants.

  27. glenn says:

    doesnt matter bout the lag my korean brothers in the tournament still beat all these noobs you can call it what you want korean will always be the best on tekken americans and europeans should just quit tekken and play other poo crap 2d games with 7 moves

  28. MarkMan says:

    glenn, how come Korea hasn’t won a legit arcade tournament in TEKKEN in Japan since Team Balance visited back for the Gunsou cup?

    This was for T5DR btw.

  29. glenn says:

    blindghost im with you, you cum out with the straight truth thats what all these guys here at sd tekken do is talk talk when they cant stand any chance in world countrys on tekken quit tekken sd tekken you guys at sd tekken should leave tekken period im sorry but this is the way i feel

  30. Blind Ghost says:

    ya i dont sugar coat man, thats the way ive always been, and this whole thing with U.S players being tired from the trip and having Jet-lagg or the monitors having lagg delay , to me those are just excuses for a bad performance by the U.S players.

    this whole tourny was all about Japan V.S Korea, from the get-go you could tell who was gonna stay and who was gonna go right from the start.

    And for Aris to just sit there and say , ya the reason i didnt win was because of LAGG, to me made a bad situation worse. cause hes using childish excuses to justify his loss.

    the European player Genuis, said it right when he said, ” ive tried my best , but the asians were just better. i can honestly respect that because hes at least admitting that they are that much better than the rest of the world.

    all this crap about some guy from Cali v.s some guy From new-york is a joke, because when they leave the U.S , they are both gonna get thier asses handed to them. so…really why bother ?? U.S player need to step it up tremendeously to hang at least a bit with Koreans and Japanese Players.

    hell i’ll even say European players were actually a bit better than U.S players hence ” Mr. NAPS getting Destroyed by Jack-6. while he was playing Bryan. the same Character he used to Beat Maddogjin at Devestation 09.

    Che-chetty ” the so called U.S national Champion didnt even stand a chance, he got eliminated on the First round he didnt not even Advance.

    LOL, i know this is fucked up but.. I think all these U.S players from the Global tourny need to just quit tekken and start playing “FPS” maybe they will have better luck there. LMAO.

    all joking aside though, FOR real, If these guy dont put in some serious time with T6 they wont stand a chance in hell against korea and Japan in the Next tourny.

    Korea Proved time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with.

    simply said :


    U.S PLAYERS + TEKKEN 6 = Mr. Hercule Satan

  31. Blind Ghost says:

    well I’m done here, i think ive beat this topic to death.

    Hope fully the U.S crew is reading this so they can take this seriously.

  32. glenn says:

    well done blindghost you deserve it topic closed.

  33. 0kills says:

    yeah when everyone’s not playing at their best…

    FYI I didn’t say US was this or that… I just said there was SOME lag.

    It was pretty evident some players didn’t get to use their characters how they would normally use them.

    Change in strategy… indeed… on the outset it would seem every player there adapted… but you can see it taking toll on their strats.

    still an epic tournament though… japanese announcer (?) speaking in english is fun.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      no , 0 KILLS there wasnt lagg but there was a lot of excuses going around form U.S players.

      hier not good end of story, why is everyone ma,ing excuses for them.

      cant anyone just come out and say it like me ??

      do we have to be good at everything ?? thier not good…thats it. they need to practice.

  34. vinzboy says:

    sorry MarkMan, but I just have to take side with Blind Ghost on this one, Lagg or no Lagg affected ALL of the players not only the American players right? so which means that if there was a Lagg the Korean and Japanese players where able to handle it, so i mean there should be no sense in whinning about the Lagg if everyone was affected

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