TEKKEN 6 Rage Death Combos Collection

When you are close to losing a round you know what to do – maximize your combo damage thanks to rage, which allows you to win a round even if your opponent’s bar is full. Recently some new death combos were found out. You can view them by clicking one of the links below.

13 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Rage Death Combos Collection

  1. ICEYOUCOLD says:


  2. ceaserdeebo says:

    thanks man i appreciate that

  3. VenoM362 says:

    Hwoarang Death Combo?

  4. DrBhup666 says:

    Can anyone tell me how they get into ragemode with full lifebar??

    • Mundo says:

      Set the lifebar for one of the players to the absolute lowest. As the character will die in any one hit, it will automatically trigger rage for them.

  5. ZeroX says:

    Omg thanks guys!!! I also have more up there hehehehe

  6. Mechacide says:

    Thank you very much for putting my vid up :)

  7. tmd02 says:

    Holy cow, had no idea mine were linked!

    Thanks SDTekken!

  8. […] TEKKEN 6 Rage Death Combos Collection « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News … […]

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