TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Start!

TEKKEN CRASH is back with a brand new season! Get ready for some crazy TEKKEN 6: BLOODLINE REBELLION Korean 3 on 3 team action with Nin’s commentaries! Mamuri! The following teams play in the first pre-eliminary videos: 세명다선봉 (Crazy Dongpal – Kazua, Choksae – Hwoarang, MaDDoGJiN – Bob) vs. The Gunners (Hoobastank – Wang, Taeyeon – Leo, Go Attack – Roger jr.) and 케케루야 (Saint – Ganryu, K.K.R. – Baek, Secret – Bob) vs. Resurrection (Holeman – Lars, Tongbal Love – Devil Jin, Knee – Bryan). Click below in order to watch the videos.


28 thoughts on “TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Start!

  1. Di i got to that page after i loged in but i tried to click on every japanese word still didnt show anything it instead it took me to some other pages its really confusing, why did john247 doesnt upload them anymore…. it was much easier on youtube

  2. Man, Crazy Dongpal is a beast! This has to be the best Kazuya player I’ve seen in a long time, even better than Leedy.

    Well, his play record is nuts. 14300 wins 3580 losses.
    Guess Tekken is his main hobby, lol.

    Anyway, fuckin hardcore beastin’ with Kaz 0_0!

    1. Holy crap!
      If someone has played 17880 matches (and still counting) that’s just sad! It doesn’t mean that Tekken is his main hobby, it means he has no life!
      Man, doesn’t this guy eat or sleep, doesn’t he have a job, an education to take? No friends or family to spend time with?? Does he even read newspapers or watch tv??

      The only thing a guy who has played 18000 matches tells me is that he is a fuckin’ loser! Tekken or no Tekken, there is a limit to everything!
      Only my thoughts! Thumb me down, like I give a fuck!

      1. He’s the loser? He’s dedicated to the game, and you’re among thousands of others that enjoy watching this man play.

        I don’t think you have any right to call this player a loser when you’re just sitting on your fat ass watching Tekken matches behind your computer monitor.

      2. LOL, “Thumb me down like I give a ****”.. At least you speak your mind.
        Interesting theory though. Whether its legitmate or not is debatable.. Makes me curious of how much your average tekken player plays.. Anyone replying to this comment feel free to share your win/lose stats here.

      3. avarage hour tekken playing varies to every person… im still playing this game but my hours just went down from 25/wk to 15/wk

        my win:loss ratio is shit! no one in the arcade wishes to play card battles anymore… they just pick who ever but this includes me as well… everyone lost interest in card battles…

      4. The way i see it is, everyone is good at something, me, well im a renaisance man , a jack of all trades,

        I’m a ladies man, a Gamer , a computer nerd, anime nerd , a weapons fanatic , a martial arts fanatic , and a sharp dresser.

        this guy loves tekken, everyones diffrent, i want freaks to exist , because without them , life would be boring and we wouldn’t be awwed and amazed a the combo videos, if everyone played the same amount of tekken, then that shit would get boring, its these guys ” asians mostly ” that dedicate themselves to something , that make life intresting, its a asian thing man in a bit im goign to show you a video of a guy that has masterd TETRIS to where he can stack blocks that are invisible on the screen, he has masterd this arcade .

        OBSERVE :

  3. New episode is up in nicodouga. Features the Resurrection team (Knee/Holeman/Tongbal Love) in a very very tight match.

    1. OMFG, are u serious??? those 3 guys are imo the best tekken 6 BR players by so far, just catched up by nin, sunchip and rain.

      Season 4 is going to be the best

      1. um… Rain > Tongbal, Nin > Knee, and I’d say Sunchip and Holeman are pretty even… although Sunchip probably does have better matchups against most other BR players.

        But I agree. Knee/Holeman/Tongbal sounds beastly.

  4. Great fights, great quality, great post.The draw Lars and Baek had was intense,thats a rare thing. It was nice seeing a good Lars player seeing that I’m bout to learn Lars next (watch out Ghost,lol). The only thing about these Korean videos VenoM362 finds odd is the really really dumb customizations they put on their chracters. The Kazuya in the first video and Knee’s Bryan was cool,but Rainbow Eddy,Friendly Purple Super King, and what in the HELL happened to Devil Jin!? Do they try to make their chracter look as stupid as they can or do they think they actually look good like that?

    I’m just saying…

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