sithlord’s Feng Combo Video

sithlord has put up his new TEKKEN 6 combo video, this time round with some great juggles for Feng! Would you expect less from a member of the TEAM ACE?

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18 thoughts on “sithlord’s Feng Combo Video

  1. People say Feng is a good beginner character. Is he really easy to learn?
    I thought Jack-6, Paul, Lili and Bob were the easy ones until mid-level play.
    Any thoughts?

    1. Feng has basic tools for punishment, as well as no difficult technique(s) you’ll need to get down in order to play him effectively (unlike taunt with Bryan or Mishima’s stuff).

      Compared to the characters you listed, though, it’s hard to get on the offense with Feng. What little moves gave him + frames on block in the past have been reduced, and in general he’s not going to be outpoking a whole lot of characters. On the plus side, his oki is considered beastly, although getting the opponent in that position is a challenge in and of itself.

      1. Feng owns man, Yuu kicked ass with him at the global tournament…..annnd then he choked on the last fight.

        still he got second, i dont cre about the specs anymore, its not the moves set, its how you use the character that matters.

  2. The time has come!
    SDTekken has just been enlightened.
    You all now know the Dragon of Destruction that is Feng Wei!


    1. yes Master Buddhahead , i see the Path to enlightenment. Feng wei within is the Dragon of destruction.

      First… enlightenment.

    1. LOL,.. Not here, my friend.. who knows if the Feds might check this site, LOL.

      Seriously though, I got to check out the vid; Nice stuff, especially closer to the end. Feng definitely looks like a fun character to play.

  3. Its hard to get offense with feng. You don’t know what your talking about. Most of fengs game is poking with, d+2, d/f+1, d/b+3, d/f+4, and b+3. Then playing great great keep out with u/f +2 (prolly the best keep out in the game), d/b+1 into shifting sands stands (also very very effective and good at switching momentum from your opponent cause they have to eat a mixup at that point, most of which leads to juggles of various sorts. And the mother of all keep outs… b+1 in which you get free damage after wards and its safe. Also there is b/f+1 which is somewhat of a panic move. His shifting sand stands naturally counters/stops mids and highs of all sorts and cannot be recountered. He also has on of the best wiff punishes in the game with f +3,4 as long as you don’t whore it out and get lauched by doing it wrong. Trust me feng has more than enough tools to get the job done. I could list more but that would take too long.

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