TEKKEN The Movie Is Out!

Tekken The Movie is now available in Japanese theaters! The film is going to be released in Europe on both DVD and blu-ray and will have its premiere at 5th April. The American home release date is still TBA. If you want to know where it is played in Japan, visit the official site.


12 thoughts on “TEKKEN The Movie Is Out!

  1. usually transition from video games to movies doesnt turn out well for some reasons we saw it in street fighter and dead or live, oh well i hope this one is going to be a good movie

  2. Well, on top of the track record from video game to movie adaptations usually sucking the big one, straight-to-DVD is also another indication.

    1. NAME SOME . The only adaptation of a fighting game that was in theaters that was good was the first mortal combat. all others sucked the big one. They even screwed up mario brothers lol. How can you.

      Now straight to dvds. I do not know of any. Name one. I just keep in mind that we all have our own opinions but name a reasonably good one that even kept source integrity OR costume integrity.

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