noodalls’ Tekken Combo Challenges

noodalls has been doing a great job for the Tekken 6 Community, providing us with detailed information on the frames. Having seen sonichurricane’s SFIV combo challenges he came up with an idea of making something similar with Tekken 6. The first challenge is to make a combo including: d+1, d+2, d+3 and d+4 (all from neutral, so FC moves are forbidden). You’re free to use bounds and walls.

To submit your combo just make a video reply to noodalls’ video linked above. Below you can find the video replies which have been posted so far.

9 Responses to noodalls’ Tekken Combo Challenges

  1. crazy skip says:

    such a random challenge but it also is challenging…

  2. chemicalRed says:

    Interesting challenge.

  3. GangsterOfLuv says:

    Steve would be horrible for this challenge

  4. Di says:


    I have an idea concerning SDT and combo videos in general, so stay tuned.

  5. DIGGS-86 says:

    Check me out I got mad stuff coming I didnt even cut yet
    to my youtube

  6. noodalls says:

    Just a request, please only send me responses if they actually adress the challenge.

  7. […] replies from various player to the first Tekken Combo Challenge noodalls decided to make a new challenge. The rules are similar, however, you have to use u/f+1, […]

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