Yoshimitsu Combo Video Collection

Although tournament-wise Yoshimitsu in Tekken 6 is not a popular character, he still has one of the most dedicated communities. If you are interested in playing him you can’t miss ManjiKai.com – a site where fans of this character gather. Inca’s Yoshimitsu vs. bible is another thing definitely worth mentioning. Apart from that the community has also made some really great combo videos. Watch them by clicking the link below.


28 Responses to Yoshimitsu Combo Video Collection

  1. mistmatch says:

    very nice videos. althugh not a fan of yoshi myself. hes got some flashy combos

  2. VenoM362 says:

    How come Raven’s combo video wasn’t a main post?
    You hate’n on Raven SDTekken?

    I’m just asking…

  3. chemicalRed says:

    Yoshimitsu’s a way better character as of T6.

  4. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    This fucking site isnt what it use to be, Its falling apart.

    biased shit everywhere i look, its about what they like , that gets posted, they dont cater to the fighting fans, they cater to themselves.

    • Di says:

      And your arguments are…?

      Try imaging a situation when there are no good movies being played – do you blame the single cinema you’re going to go for the fact that they aren’t playing good movies those days?
      Honestly, I just can’t believe how ignorant-yet-offensive some people can be. Think (deeply, I’d suggest) first, then post.

      Also, please refrain from using bad language.

  5. VenoM362 says:

    Be easy man,this is a Tekken site. As long as they post Tekken related news its all good with VenoM362. Sure there’s other fighting games out there(SF,SC,VF,DOA,KOF,BB,GG,and Shaq Fu),but Tekken is the best of the best. Bottom line, Tekken and Street Fighter are the only two fighters keeping fighting games alive(atleast here in the U.S.) So I understand why they post things about Street Fighter every now and then. Tekken and Street Fighter have the biggest following here in the U.S.,I say this because lots of people still play these two games on a regular bases. As far as the other games go,they’re hott when they first come out,but after a few months of them being out the buzz about them dies down alot if not all together. To be real with you my favorite fighter next to Tekken is Soul Calibur but I know NOBODY that plays it anymore. So now if I’m playing a fighter and its not Tekken its Street Fighter cause people still play it. So maybe they don’t post about other fighters because not enough people care about them. Then again, you could be right and they only post what they like,but thats SDTekken’s right cause its their site. If VenoM362 had a fighting game site he wouldn’t post about VF or KOF cause he don’t like them,nor would I have any info on Paul,Bob,or Ganryu because I hate those bitches. But thats just me.

    ps: The Shaq Fu thing was a joke.

    I’m just saying…

    • shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

      IT WAS Actually , TEKKEN , VF and SNK FIGHTERS Keeping the fighting seen alive, until 03 !?!? nobody gave a fuck about 3d strike nobody knew it and nobody cared until justin and daigo showed up, well here anyway..fighters were always Big in japan and korea ” ESPECIALLY ” VF, TEKKEN AND SNK FIGHTERS.

      CAPCOM BARELY CAME BACK IN TO THE MIX LIKE , like 2 YEARS AGO WITH SFIV ,the developer himself even said to thank namco FOR KEEPING THE FIGHING genre, CAPCOM BASICALLY SHOWED UP TO THE PARTY, they didnt start shit, cause the arcade scene was dead years ago. , CAPCOM barely came back with a fighter they were focused on other shit.

    • shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

      all right venom but if thats the case why did they Post about BLAZE BLUE ??

      That game is basically dead now.

      like i said they cater to themselves man.

      markman needs to understand that thsi websites is made up of gamers that like other games, i love all fighters.

      and i want to see more news on other fighters. and i mean all of them.

      the way i see it were at war, with the rest of the genres theres a shit load of FPS sites and Fighters are just making a comeback, its this sites reponsability to bring Fighting news to everyone about every fighter to expan the GENRE.

      • DrBhup666 says:

        STFU! This site is called SDTEKKEN. Read the word again if you don’t understand what the priority of this site is.

        Other games like BB and SF can they post about as a curiosity if they want, but Tekken will always be the number 1 game of this site!

  6. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    Bro all im saying is, this site is becoming biased, i can understand if it was TEKKEN ONLY NEWS, but its not, and MARKMAN has said time and time again we dont just post TEKKEN NEWS we post news on all Fighting games, SFIV, BLAZE BLUE, so forth. so if thats the case….where the hell is the announcment for KOF XIII, why do you put up combo vids for certain characters but not others.

    this site use to be something, but keep this shit up and its gonna go down in flames, because he needs to know the ones that make or break the websites are visitors, and if you dont have members, then you dont have a shit. Right now this isnt a website Its a fucking BLOG..lets get that Clear.

    I use to think this site was my one stop shop for everything fighting news, fuck i stopped going to SRK for this site., but shit it looks like im going back.

    SRK and Kotaku, at least they dont hate on certain games , they just post news on fighing games…PERIOD.

    i mean your the new MOD right ?? Di?? Dont you have the liberty to post ?? are you on strict orders from markman not to post on certain games ??


    i play SF, but i dont love it as much as i do KOF, but regardless of my opinion, its a FIGHTING GAME, ITS YOUR JOB AS A SITE TO REPORT ON THIS !

    They Just announced it in JAPAN !! SRK HAS A THREAD WHY DONT YOU ??

    • Spitfire says:

      @shiNOBI CYCLONE: Sdtekken is actually da least biased of ne of da fighting game community sites for general info on all fighters…..actually dat accusation belongs to SRK….every article or posting on there site is strictly SF4 or some dated SF at dat…..LOL fuck a forum on something if it cant reach front page!!!!! just think and do ya research b4 posting ignorant shit seriously…..O and i like how they SDT can post anything on SF4 concerning tournaments or updates 2 da weak ass game (which will never be better den 3rd Strike), but SRK cant even step outside of dat fanboy mentality and cater 2 da community in whole….u wanna c bias? read this muthafucking post dat accompanied an update of da site a few months back…. http://www.shoryuken.com/content.php?r=30-Welcome-to-the-New-SRK ….u seem to have forgotten dat regardless of what fighters or Developers kept da fighting genre alive, FPS was dominating da industry with Crysis…Halo 2….Counter Strike…shit everywhere u turned FPS got more play and rep den ne fighting game on da market…always front page on some gaming mag with so much praise and ass kissing and updates and every other mindless-running-around-with-guns-just-shooting-and-classified-as-“Best Game of All Time” bullshit… yo just fall back and relax….keep comments to a minimum….and go get a check up from ya regular doctor and ask can u get a prescription on chill pills…

    • Di says:

      @shiNOBI CYCLONE

      I’m one of the people taking care of news, not the only one.

      I’m not into SNK games actually and I’d have to look a little bit deep into KoF before write about it (I don’t like writing about things I don’t know – readers ask questions I cannot answer); I’d have done it earlier if I had some free time to read here and there. But believe me, I’ve got lots of important things to do and I am simply too busy. Actually most of my free time is being spent on trying to support the fighting community/communities.

      I wrote about VF because I’ve been playing VF. I may also be posting about Soul Calibur if a new games would be going to be released and MarkMan would agree – Soul Calibur 2 was my first ‘serious’ fighting game and I’ve been into the series since then, learning a lot.
      But KoF… probably the only KoF I played was ’95 for GameBoy (the mono version)… my knowledge about the series is close to zero, to be honest. Hope you’re getting my point.

      • shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

        I love VF, but if you love fightng games then at least post about KOF XIII so people can at least look up info on it, it has a fanbase.

        im just saying, i know mrkam nis doing a lot, more then me, yeah i do think so.

        so , if we suggest something dont you atl east think you shoudl look into it ??

    • Nando says:

      Would you like some Johnson and Johnson’s No More Tears shampoo along with your cheese and whine?

      • shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

        throw in a dildo on that grocery list for your self NANDO ;).

        oh and i like swiss cheese with my wine.

  7. tekkenlover says:

    DI i just want u to know regardless of what some people are saying, you are doing a outstanding job here at sdtekken, most of believe that and we are so happy that you provide us with new information 24/7. we are 100% support markman , you,and n8monster for all the hard work u guys are doing for tekken community, just remember this that he speaks for himself not all of us

  8. coilover2005 says:

    Nice compillations. Yoshi is still a beast and these vids are top notch to say the least! Thanks for sharing =) Seems there are a few of us here that STILL appreciate the work thats put in to this site and like to stay on topic and not cry because they asked Santa for a pony and got a swift kick in the arse instead! Bunch of little babies, it’s pretty sad really. If ya dont like it… Go make your own site then kids.

  9. Spitfire says:

    o…….and im picking up yoshi for tournament play 2….fuck what yall say or heard….no tier chart can limit a player’s ability and dat has been proven time and time again….

  10. Hey, this discussion is really stupid. We post news, we have NO bias. Do not accuse US (SDT; n8nmonster, Di, myself, and any other representative) on not spreading the love for fighting games.

    BECAUSE I 100% assure you. You are NOT doing anything close to what I am doing for the fighting game scene. I’m going all over the WORLD spreading the love/knowledge of fighting games. I’m fighting at the front lines talking to game publishers/developers and the actual team/marketing people that will KEEP our fighting genre alive. Just because I don’t choose to put up news that is already known on the internet, DOES NOT mean I do not care.

    I’m fighting the good fight. I’ll let my resume and feedback from my peers do the talking.

    Keep up the good work Di.

  11. PTownSimon says:

    Hmmm, ignore the whiner, SDT guys. Site is still my one stop for FG news.

    BTW, When is the “Pardon Our Dust” coming down though? New site “Just in time for the release of Tekken 6”? LOL, calling you out! Easier navigation would be nice, I still have to Google or TZ search for your T6 frame data pages when I need ’em!

    Keep up the good work though!

    • Di says:

      We’ve already talked about it and will be working on it very soon.

      • PTownSimon says:

        Thanks! Good to know. I check this site daily, so I really appreciate all the info and videos you guys post. Good luck with the new layout!

  12. The Cursed says:

    not a single combo of mine are put in here ?

    you only choose the persons you know Mark Man and put their combos under the spotlight ?

    what about my combos that actually gave the spark for all the other players in the community to do their owns ?

    how about if you goggle ” Yoshimitsu : The Ultimate Predator ” ?

    iam really disappointed!

  13. Undead_Nemesis says:

    Gah, in need of updating.

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