Pure eSports Sponsors Aris!

You know him as the former Soul Calibur II World Champion. You know him as the best Dragunov player in the USA. Finally, you know him as the TEKKEN Epic Beard Man. Long time player… Aris “aris” Bakhtanians is now officially sponsored and on his way to succeed in the MLG Pro-Circuit TEKKEN 6 tournaments by pure eSports! This makes him the first member of the pure.TEKKEN team! Check the rest of the entry to read the official information from pure eSports.

As esports continues to grow and mature we continue to embrace the avenues in which it does! As such, it is with much honor, and sense of pride we are announce our support of Aris Bakhtanians in his bid to win the first MLG Pro season for Tekken 6.

For us, fighting games represent one of the points in which the concept of esports was birthed, so being able to finally support them after so long is extremely welcome!

While there are no shortage of strong players in the Tekken community, Aris was a very natural selection. His attitude towards preparation and winning ensure a level of success we’ve come to expect. Moreover, his attitude toward the community and the game itself is extremely postive.

We look forward to his continued success in Tekken and his development as a player. Aris’ notable accomplishments in fighting games:
Soul Calibur 2:
2003 Evolution 4th
2004 Cannes World Championship 1st

Soul Calibur 4:
2009 CA Regional Qualification 2nd

Tekken 6:
2010 Namco Bandai NA Regional Qualification 1st
2010 Namco Bandai American Championship 4th
2010 Level Up 2nd

us Aris Bakhtanians

What could this mean for the future of competitive TEKKEN!? With World Cyber Games and MLG knocking on the door, there are bound to be more and more player sponsorships showing up! Stay tuned for any and all news surrounding the competitive TEKKEN circuit!

44 Responses to Pure eSports Sponsors Aris!

  1. Di says:

    Congratulations, Aris!

  2. Mundo says:

    Hell yeah!

  3. tekkenlover says:

    thats great, good luck

  4. Super Joe says:

    Free middle fingers for everyone!!!

  5. ryan says:

    boring who gives a crap about players in the us

  6. tekkenlover says:

    ryan (glenn) please take a shotgun and blow your brains out ,you have nothing better to do but to insult every single tekken player , its not their fault that you suck and no one gives a damn about u. markman can u block this guy again everytime i give compliment to someone, this worthless insect comes along and makes an asshole statement

  7. VenoM362 says:

    Cool,rep Dragunov Aris. Don’t stop flipping people off now. I hope MLG don’t use laggy ass tvs. Whats with big tournaments doing that shit? Someone should really tell them to quit doing that shit. Oh, wait I got it.

    VenoM362 says stop using laggy ass tvs in major tournaments!

    I’m just saying…

  8. L_Z_N says:


    btw I don’t know where to post this..
    so I’ll just post it here..

    it looks like, jon747 got footages of the Global Championship from a different source.

  9. Fab says:

    Good shit Aris

  10. Glad to see so much support from the community. We’re really looking forward to how Tekken 6 evolves as a professional game and hoping to expand our involvement.

  11. Daniel says:

    GOOOOOD SHIT ARIS. I would love to see that dra pwn some more people.

  12. schematic says:

    Love Aris. But West Coast gets all the love from Namco. Honestly they need to sponsor Gm, Fab and prolly a couple dudes from the south. And most definitely mr Napps. Even though he never does well in tourneys.

  13. sche:
    This has nothing to do with Namco… I am continuing to look at the current American scene; however, the larger issue remains the maturity, professionalism, and personality top players tend to exhibit.

  14. DrBhup666 says:

    Good for Aris! That man is hilarious!!

    Aris for president!!

  15. tekkenlover says:

    schematic what in the world are u talking about by saying mr nap never does well in tourny, are u serious???? he has won many tournaments, plus lets not turn this into regional issue.

  16. Lingmassacre says:

    Congratulations Aris!
    ~Did they sponsor him also (he’s a great player) for his commentary? If so, ballsy move. I like it.

  17. ICEYOUCOLD says:


  18. ryan says:

    fat bastard has had a heart attack

  19. Jom says:

    aris you suck youre gay peace

  20. kentoirc says:


  21. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:



    Dont give me that shit about ” this s a TEKEN SITE ONLY ” you said your a fan so whats the deal bro ??

    You had announcments about VF which i support and SUPER SFIV which i also support how about some SNK LOVE MAN ????

    This is a responsability that you have, were trying to get fighting games out there and KOF is a fucking staple in the Fighting Genre.


    • Nando says:

      KOF left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth; It’s bad enough they forced everyone to buy a freaking Beta in KOF12, and this one doesn’t look like it will take a big jump forward either.

      Small choppy steps.

      Also, what’s with the trolls coming around here? Are they DOA fans? XD Tell me Itagaki didn’t send you here. Heh.

    • Di says:

      Just in case you don’t know, MarkMan is now at PAX and he is very busy.

      • Thanks Di…

        Yes shiNOBI CYCLONE. I do support SNK and KOF, as well as all fighting games.

        As Di mentioned, I’m traveling for business right now helping Capcom show off Super Street Fighter IV at PAX East in Boston. I apologize I have not yet put a mention of this on the site but I do want to give some love to the other fighting games. I just wanted to say… you are in no position to point out what I SHOULD and SHOULD not do on this website. Let’s keep that clear.

        Thanks for your continued support all.

  22. tekkenlover says:

    thanks kenoritic, hi nando i couldnt agree with u more on KOF and as far as troll first is iceyoucold who needs yo wash his mouth with soap when he calls everyone a fagget, and second and the worst one is ryann and jom who is only a one person he keeps using different names to come here and insult everyone, i bet any money he doesnt even have a ps3 or 360 to play tekken. i am prety much sure both of them are 12 or 13 years old by acting like this saying stupid things.

  23. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    well, the fact of the matter is, you dont know anything about SNK or KOF or Hand drawn art, if you did you woudlnt be saying that shit.

    But your a scrub so thats okay, all you want is a product that delivers.

    its doesnt matter that SNK’s soul focus is fighting games these days and thats the only money making buisness they have.

    or that hand drawing characters from scartch takes well over 4 years.

    Fucking noob.

    • Nando says:

      Right; it takes a long time to do hand drawn sprites, but once you have the base for the character (say, the neutral stance for a person), then all they have to do is change the limbs for movement. Most of the work to change a sprite would come from the core of their bodies during twists and turns. At least they don’t have to do every sprite from every frame from scratch.

      At some point, as a developer you have to ask yourself about a time crunch/advancement or reward process, just like any other job you do. I’m sure, as artists, they have a program implemented that makes editing go faster or smoother. No matter how you say it, drawing sprites doesn’t change the fact that KOF12 blew major donkey balls. If they would of kept the faster gameplay from KOFXI or hell, even as far back as 98 or 99 but took ALL the time to do new sprites for the characters, no one would of complained as much. Don’t even get internet players started on how horrid their gamecode was for online play.

      • shiNOBI CYCLONE says:



  24. say it loudly says:

    congrats aris

  25. ceaserdeebo says:

    which the guy good luck

  26. ryan says:

    to kentoric you’re mums a big fat slag

  27. ryan says:

    aris should got big tits

  28. ryan says:

    aris got some tits

  29. Esom says:

    This one time at EVO I played Aris and totally Raven’d him to death. True story. Where is my sponsorship WCMaxi? :)

    P.S. CONGRATS BEARD MAN! You’re still my favorite player of all time… after myself.

  30. Sayco says:

    Congrats ARIS but you better watchout I

  31. EG|GenoZ says:

    This is a really nice move for the Tekken scene and hopefully more players will get picked up by esports organizations to get send at major tournaments. With WCG on the horizon I am sure you might see more players. Good luck to him.

  32. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    IF THIS IS MARKMAN, yes it is your site, and you can and cant put up whatever you want. but youv’e said yourself in the Past, that you want the GENRE to grow, so i was just wondering how come no one has made mention of KOF XIII ??

    Im like you I love fighting games, ALL OF THEM !

    hell im the only guy in here Other than you that Loves VIRTUA FIGHTER and actually keeps up with the news.

    I’m just saying it would be major points for the Fighting Genre if we were to expand on it by announcing games so that everyone gets the news.

  33. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    @ NANDO, you have to understand NANDO, because you dont, SNK is a small company they dont have other games to FALL BACK on, right now all thats really making them MONEY are Metal SLUG and KOF, bck in the ARCADE days they use to be huge, in my OP bigger than CAPCOM.

    so when your counting on 2 games to make you money you have to tighten up a bit.

    lets start with the facts.

    KOF has had the same sprites since 96, and have just be redoing them slightly. for every itteration.

    this was a major breakhrough, because they have done someothing that no one else has done before, HAND DRAWN SPRITES , not only that but 100% HAND DRAWN ART, MOTIONS, FRAMES , STAGES.

    THIS IS A FIRST for any FIGHTING GAME, doing that…TAKES TIME….LOTS OF TIME in fact 4 years , but those artists arnt working for free, you have to pay those guys, it basically came down to a decision, either release the game as is make some money and build up on the next one.

    or KEEP WORKING on it till you get a good number of characters the game will no make enough money you dont have the money to pay your employees you go BANKRUPT and NO MORE KOF I understand this…you however…don’t.

    I support SNK, and KOF XIII is gonna be awsome + 10 characters a BOSS and a Story.

    some of you saying this should have been KOF XII, yes, but if i were to pick either this KOF, and lose SNK, i would take the KOF XII that came out last november. no argument there, cause when it comes to fighting SNK HAS IMAGINATION capcom doesnt.

    dont get me started on the SIMILARITIES BETWEEN JURY and JHUN . SHES A FUCKING CARBON COPY. some of you are probably like huh WTF !?!?! dont beleive me look up JUHN from KOF 99 , until 3d strike SF was stuck wiht 5 fucking RUY and KEN COPIES, they lack in the imagination department.

    SNK IS BADASS, you kids are too young to know this shit.



    The only thing CAPCOM HAD back then was SFII on the SNES, if it wasnt for that, it would have been a totaly diffrent history.

    • Nando says:

      “KEEP WORKING on it till you get a good number of characters the game will no make enough money you dont have the money to pay your employees you go BANKRUPT and NO MORE KOF I understand this…you however…don’t.”

      You have selective memory when it comes to reading my posts. How do you say I don’t understand? I understand that they don’t have much to go on by what they have right now, but the number of games DID NOT dictate why they ended up bankrupt and were sold off to Playmore; it was the “fans” that pirated their games and played for free, along with the fact that their mainstay games were on the overpriced NeoGeo board. Did you used to read Orochinagi.com, before the main page went under? I did. Piracy was to blame for the majority of the issue along with the death of the modern arcade in the long run. How can you make money off of a hard-to-obtain hardware/no help overseas/small popularity compared to other more popular and advanced fighting series? In other words; too little, too late.

      Also, Congrats to SNK for putting alot of effort into the game, but you still totally missed my point on what’s called “TIME MANAGEMENT”. I have no real sympathy for SNK, for they are a business. I’m sure, as a business, they had an ample team with ample time (4 years no less as you so mentioned), and ample management or so others thought. Instead they released a game that was bare-bones minimum at full price with many popular characters left out. How do you -not- expect SNK fans not to be disappointed?

      BTW, the comeback from earlier was a little deadpan. Try harder next time.

  34. pure.sk` says:

    Wow… all the KOF comments for a site with “tekken” in the name. Wasn’t the last turd SNK rolled out enough to bury it?

    • Nando says:

      Sadly enough, almost; Rumor has it that if this one fails to make a big enough turnaround that it may kill off the series. The series started dropping off, IMO, around 2002, many believing 98 was the high point.

  35. […] Aris is not the only sponsored American Tekken player anymore – Complexity Gaming has just announced that Mr. NAPS and Crow joined their new Tekken 6 division! This became possible thanks to the presence of Tekken 6 in MLG Pro Circuit and WCG. Hope this trend won’t change so that we experience one of the best years in the Tekken community history! Special thanks to Gianni Rosheuvel for the heads up! […]

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