Mr. NAPS And Crow Join CompLexity Gaming!

Aris is not the only sponsored American Tekken player anymore – Complexity Gaming has just announced that Mr. NAPS and Crow joined their new Tekken 6 division! This became possible thanks to the presence of Tekken 6 in MLG Pro Circuit and WCG. Hope this trend won’t change so that we experience one of the best years in the Tekken community history!
Special thanks to Gianni Rosheuvel for the heads up!

11 Responses to Mr. NAPS And Crow Join CompLexity Gaming!

  1. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    first !!!!

  2. chemicalRed says:

    Congrats to them both..

  3. schematic says:

    Congrats to both of them. Now where is the love for the east coast. Fab, Gm, BloodHawk then need to be sponsored asap.

  4. Xcell_182 says:

    isn’t gm under the empire arcadia banner? But I agree Bloodhawk and fab need sponsers asap

  5. tekkenlover says:

    aris and nap definately deserve to be sponsored and they got it, their records and stats speak for themselves, but now there will be more pressure on them to preform well

  6. EG|GenoZ says:

    “Special thanks to Gianni Rosheuvel for the heads up!” – Thank for the shoutout.

    Well there is usually a lot more to sponsors than just skills. Exposure and marketing plays a huge role when it comes to picking the players.

    Someone like myself, who doesn’t follow Tekken, I don’t know much about the EC players yet I know who MR.Naps, Aris and The Crow is, simply because of their accomplishment at major tournaments.

    I think complexity might have found themselves in that same situation being new to this scene and all that. I mean two consecutive EVO wins and MR.Naps’ comeback at Devastation and competing at the Tekken Global speaks for itself.

    Doesn’t surprise me if the next player to get a good sponsorship deal is Chetchetty.

  7. crazytekkenfan says:

    So by them being sponsored that means the get payed to play right?

    • JTchinoy says:

      It means the sponsor flies them to tournaments and covers their traveling expenses.
      Isn’t Fab sponsored as well?

  8. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Pretty cool I guess.

  9. I believe several of the EC players fall under Empire’s banner do they not? This is likely why none of them have been considered.

    Though… I have no idea what Empire does.

    • Blood Hawk says:

      The only EC Tekken players affiliated with Empire are GM and Blood Red, the majority of us are not (at least in NY).

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