SDTEKKEN.COM Combo Video Library

As you already know, we created TEKKEN 6 COMBO VIDEO section where you can submit your combo videos so that we add them. To keep you informed about the updates in our library, we’ve decided to make a new Twitter account where we’re going to keep you updated with the videos we will be adding. Click the link below and follow us to be up-to-date with the latest Tekken 6 combo movies!

The 5 last entries from there can also be checked in one of the widgets in our right-side column.

8 Responses to SDTEKKEN.COM Combo Video Library

  1. Di says:

    This means no ‘this site suck cause you didn’t post my awesome video’ discussions… phew.

  2. chemicalRed says:

    Cool.. I’ve always wanted to make a combo video.. Would anyone know the best way to record one?

  3. Tmd02 says:

    Not so fast DI

    I’m having trouble with emailing to the video section, and hotmail seems to reject any emails to that section

    ah fuck it

  4. Hey MarkMan or Whoever cares lol. I Made a Combo Video for Lili. Can i get it put up on here or are there requirements?

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