Penny-Arcade EXPO Recap!

This past weekend MarkMan ventured off to Boston for PAX East 2010! The expo is a great place for gamers… Especially fighting game fans! I was on hand to visit with the fighting game fans and to spread the love about TEKKEN 6, Super Street Fighter IV, and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift! Check out my recap by clicking below!

Recap by Mark “MarkMan” Julio

PAX East was great!

I had a great time hanging around and supporting the events there.

Penny-Arcade EXPO East is a grand event for gamers of all walks of life. Being a veteran to PAX Prime (Seattle), I was really looking forward to the event’s debut in the East Coast.  It was my first time in Boston and I was blown away by the amount of people and the level of happy gaming going on.

The first day I visited my good friends at Aksys Games to see that they had BlazBlue Continuum Shift and Death Smiles going on in their booth! They had a good amount of traffic all weekend, as did almost every other booth! The East Coast gamers came out in full force!

Mad Catz sponsored the Rock Band 2 competition and the Street Fighter IV tournament held by PAX East. There was also a surprise appearance from Super Street Fighter IV in the console freeplay room! My good friend Seth Killian from Capcom was also there so we can share/spread the SSFIV love.

I went to the SFX-360 Gamers Gone Wild VIP party on Saturday night. My good friend Princess Aura entered the Rock Band 2 tournament with a killer team of Uzman, StarSlay3r (Star from PSN’s The Tester), and SWooZiE from WCG’s Ultimate Gamer fame. Princess Aura showed just a taste of her gaming skills by killing it on the mic and wowing the crowd with her awesome vocals.  StarSlay3r rocking out on the guitar was no surprise; that’s why she’s the best in the business when it comes to guitar gaming! SWooZie and Uzman also held it down and let their gaming swagger/energy move the crowd. They ended up taking first place without a problem!

I had a ton of business meetings throughout the weekend, but one fun one was at the GUNNAR bus/booth where we did a mini Mad Catz photoshoot (again starring Princess Aura) as she posed all pro like with the Mad Catz Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition “S” FightStick and the sleek GUNNAR “Jem” gaming glasses. Princess Aura is an attractive girl… I’m used to hanging out with her but after seeing the awesome photography skills of Josh from GUNNAR, I was blown away at how the lighting/his photo skills/and her beauty… it just took my breath away.

I met a lot of gamers in the console free play room. Tons of people came up to me for the fightstick keychain promo that I’ve been pushing. Saw a bunch of custom fightsticks!

Did a few interviews… I got to meet a lot of CAG, GAF, and fighting gamers in general! Signed a few sticks/took a few photos etc. I love Boston, it was SUPER cold, but the food was good… so <3 !

Had a great chat with fellow TEKKEN player and East coast TEKKEN ambassador, fighting GM.  We talked about the TEKKEN scene and the exciting new opportunities for TEKKEN at World Cyber Games and MLG! TZ’s SpartaMA and Guregu were also on hand to support the event!

For more pictures from this PAX weekend, please visit my flickr page here.

BTW, one last day for the Super SFIV PAX promo! More info here.

Special thanks to Mike and Mark from GUNNAR Optiks, SFX-360’s Ross Furman, Tritton, Capcom, Penny-Arcade, Aksys Games, NoobTube, Empire Arcadia, and everyone else!

20 Responses to Penny-Arcade EXPO Recap!

  1. exc355um says:

    That is a sweet stick. Nice write up, looks like it was a great event.

  2. Awesome pix Mark – save some goodness for Pax West since we couldnt make it to Boston!

  3. tekkenlover says:

    thats the coolest looking arcade stick i have ever seen, i play with pad but i really like how it looks

  4. Gavin says:

    Whats up Markman.. I saw you on PAX East at the Super Street Fighter 4 Demo. I dont know if you remember me. I was asking you about East Cost Tekken events.

    I did buy a Super Street fighter 4 stick from Gamestop. I just couldn’t wait for shipping.

  5. Mundo says:

    That food looks fantastic.

  6. Spitfire says:

    @Markman: She thorough as hell…yo u need 2 try 2 wife dat seriously….yall aint gettin no younger and plus yall both r in da same industry….and she PLAYS VIDEO GAMES? cmon now….dont need a blind date 2 dats all u right there bruh!!!!

  7. ryan says:

    fukin shit fuk sf and fuk american tekken players cant play the game for shit fuk coasts its all about country tournaments

  8. Art says:


    Good shit, now I really wish I went. Would have been fun to hang out with you and other homies!

    Is “Princess Aura” the chick from the Marn parry video?

    Did you save me a keychain? LOL


  9. real plump box says:

    THATS MY ARCADE STICK. im not joking

  10. real plump box says:

    glad you all like the stick

  11. 2 says:

    I’m still here.
    And I’m halfway there. You know you have an unpaid debt, Markman, and it’s almost time to pay the piper.
    No shelter or shield can protect you.

  12. L_Z_N says:

    *patiently waits for the next Mad Catz promo..

  13. OMFG i cant believe i missed this. Especially when it was finally within reach of where i lived. I’m so pissed at myself. i could’ve Met JWonggg & MarkMan. WTF! >:(

  14. camcorder microphones…

    […]Penny-Arcade EXPO Recap! « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource![…]…

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