Chris Hu Needs Your Help!

Tragically, SF community member Chris Hu’s family has just lost their home and savings in a devastating fire. Chris has been a long standing member of the New York Street Fighter community. Many of Street Fighter players have been entertained by Chris’ unique commentary on the FADC streams. Click below for how you you can help…

SRK is running a collection for Chris Hu’s family. The collection will end April 23. Give what you can, even a few dollars add up. SRK is priming the pump with a $1000 donation to the fund. Here is ABC News coverage of the fire. Jump to 2:13 to see Chris Hu being interviewed. Our best wishes go out to Chris and his family.

Thanks to MarkMan they will be raffling off the #1 Super Street Fighter IV stick off of their production line. Donors will get one entry into the raffle for every $10 donated (donations of less than $10 still get an entry. Every dollar counts!).

If it’s possible for you, click the picture below and help Chris Hu by donating some money!


18 thoughts on “Chris Hu Needs Your Help!

  1. WoW! This is a good initiative from SDTekken!

    It’s just heartwarming how the community steps up and takes care of one of their own!

    Well done, Markman!

  2. yeah right on DrBhup, godbless sdtekken for treating all people in community like members of its own family. my best whishes to chris

  3. so your blind ghost, finally, ive heard about you , your like a legend on SRK.

    Everybody heard about you being banned by markman.

    Got a PS3 dude ??

    1. Im not so sure this is ghost; Im pretty sure he’s going by “Blind Ghost” and not “blindghost1”. This might just be one of the many ghost fakes..LOL,is he a legend on SRK because they talk about him being banned?

  4. tried to save who dude ?? the asian guy.. he said he lost all his money and shit.

    oh well, a lesson well learned, next time put you money in the bank.

    immigrant or not, this is 2010, use some common sense.

  5. wow…the level of disrespect on here…and i keep comin on here for my “tekken news”….SRK has a stronger standing on this tragedy with about damn near 375 comments all in good efforts to support da homie….have some remorse…

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