TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Group A Videos!

TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 preliminaries are over so it’s high time for the group phase! Group A matches are up and they include the following teams: SUPER STAR, Specialist, Resurrection and Unbelievable. Watch the videos below.

20 Responses to TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Group A Videos!

  1. Di says:

    I’ll update the post as soon as the 5th part appears or Jon747 uploads the videos.

  2. Fredrik says:


  3. tekkenlover says:

    di thx alot:)

  4. tekkenlover says:

    what happened to sunchip rank anyway? wasnt he ranked tekken god? why he lost his rank? did he lose his card?

  5. Remy says:

    awesome matches!!!

    btw new crash girls are mega hot

  6. retper says:

    wen will the line ups come out?
    looks like group a is stacked!!!
    resurrection, specialist, superstar… ouch

  7. Daneil says:

    Is it me of does soyongdori seem trash now. He seems to be getting raped by everyone in t6.

    On another note Rain using steve = beast wow.

  8. Raine says:

    Rain is my hero. Started Mig and Bruce cuz of this dude.

    Guess I’ll start playing Steve now, lolz.

  9. chemicalRed says:

    Thanks for uploading..Cant wait to give it a look.

  10. crazy skip says:

    sunchip i think has 2 cards of bryan…

  11. Random says:

    anyone know the know the name of the ling player?

  12. Kernkraft says:

    who advanced? specialist or superstar?

  13. chemicalRed says:

    Good fights.. I was really looking forward to some more Knee vs Sunchip though

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