PlayStation Presents MLG Pro Circuit TEKKEN 6 Round 1

PlayStation wants you! Only PlayStation gives you the chance to compete against the best fighters in the world. Think you have what it takes to take on the Pros? This month you’ll get your chance to prove it. Starting on April 16th compete in the inaugural TEKKEN 6 MLG Pro Circuit Tournament only on PS3! Be the king of the ring (finish in the top position) and you can walk away with $2,500 in cash. Sign-up now!

  • Register online!
  • Not able to attend? Fight online now!
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    14 thoughts on “PlayStation Presents MLG Pro Circuit TEKKEN 6 Round 1

    1. Well that just shows who gives a Damn about namco’s TEKKEN series.

      Where’s Microsoft..oh thats right they dont give two shits about about TEKKEN.

      Fuck MS once again. sony for the Win BABY !!

        1. Hey markman, can you plz put something up concerning KOF XIII, ive been askin you guys for weeks now man.

          were on the same team here bro. i love fighters all the same as you do . help the community.

          i even started a petition on capcomunity, to bring CAPCOM v.s SNK 3, we got fooled by SRK with that april fools prank, ” im sure you knwo what im talking about ” but it got a lot of people riled up and now they are asking or a CAPCOM v.s SNK 3 for real.

          i want you to take this site to a whole new level man , people say this site is not as biased as SRK..ok well… Lets show ’em.

          lets support every fighting game out there.

      1. VenoM362 would rather see Marvel VS Capcom 3 (well mosty Marvel VS SF, throw in some RE, DMC, and Onimusha too) and try not to make it so bloody broken this time.

        I’m just saying…

        1. Don’t bullshit me cyclone.
          Lol,our avatars must be brothers. They both look suspect, like they stole someone’s food. VenoM362’s is like “That cheese cake was good as a mothafucker,but that dude saw us take it” and yours is like “Yeah your right,we better walk away slowly” Also my avatar has a unibrow for some reason.

          I’m just saying…

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