real law Joins vVv Gaming!

Juan “Main Event” Zerbarini aka real law has just joined vVv Gaming Tekken 6 division! “We see this not only as a talented pick up, but someone who will add value to our Fight Club management and recruitment, as well as our podcast“, says vVv LordJerith. real law isn’t the first player who got a sponsor – we had already informed you about Aris, Mr. NAPS and Crow joining other teams. We wish all these players good luck in their gaming careers!

5 Responses to real law Joins vVv Gaming!

  1. tekkenlover says:

    oh man this is my dream job (playing vedio game and getting pay for it). nothing can be cooler than this, congrats to all of them

  2. Congrats.

    I doubt he’s getting paid to play. Usually sponsorship covers travel cost or a portion there of.

  3. JTchinoy says:

    We don’t get paid by our sponsors. We’d just covered on travel and housing costs.

    • VenoM362 says:

      You rep my Tekken Princess Xaioyu well,one of the best VenoM362 has seen.I’m just not a fan of Alisa.

      I’m just saying…

  4. tekkenlover says:

    oh ok thanks for clarifyingwell it still cool that u guys got sponsors, and goodluck on tournaments

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