Tekken Combo Challenge Volume 2

After replies from various player to the first Tekken Combo Challenge noodalls decided to make a new challenge. The rules are similar, however, you have to use u/f+1, u/f+2, u/f+3 and u/f+4. Click below to check the original solution and reply to this video if you want to submit your combo.

4 Responses to Tekken Combo Challenge Volume 2

  1. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    first !!! AGAIN !!

  2. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    oh and for anyone that wants to know KOF XII just announced

    K dash, MAXIMA , and Vice are coming back making the roster of new comers to 10

    10 brand new characters, not only that but EX moves and Special cancel are coming back wiht this installment.

  3. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    i meant KOF XIII

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