Marvel VS. Capcom 3 Is Official!

The rumors were true – Marvel VS. Capcom 3 will be released on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 either near the end of the year or in the early 2011! It is going to run at full 1080p. It is quite possible that graphic wise it will be similar to Tatsunoko VS. Capcom. Check out the rest of the entry for the very first Marvel VS. Capcom 3 trailer!

51 Responses to Marvel VS. Capcom 3 Is Official!

  1. Mundo says:


    • Di says:

      Where yo curleh mustache at?

    • daven says:

      I’m sorry this is not what I asked for. If I wanted a sequel to Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects I would have sent my letters to EA. I wanted Marvel vs Capcom 2 with 20 new characters and BlazBlue-level graphics, not SFIV with “6 newly added Marvel and Capcom characters”. Sorry Capcom you can take Ryu and his scary, cell-shaded face and all your mannish “2.5-D” female character models and you can…well, you know what you can do…you can go right ahead and make a game that millions of plebs will just lap up and rest safe in the knowledge that I won’t be one of them.

      • VenoM362 says:

        So uhh,keep playing MVC2 and BB. You see,everyones happy now right? Some people just can’t be pleased.

        I’m just saying…

      • NYtekken says:

        I suck at MVC2 my lil cousin me whoopin my ass but its damn fun to play especially wacthin him destroy ppl online
        but damn lol u dont know how much i agree with you if MVC3 end up looking like SF4 i might not buy it
        like you said i expected it to look cartoony like blazblue but its still early for me to be sure that it will look like that but if it does count me out
        but lol its not like im gonna make a difference at all since millions will probably buy it

  2. tekkenlover says:

    hopefully it will comes out in 2010 rather than 2011

  3. chemicalRed says:

    Saw this early this morning. Im not really into the game but if this one is less broken ill give it a try.

      • chemicalRed says:


        Unless its Tekken Tag Tournament 2, 2011 is too early for another Tekken.

      • VenoM362 says:

        Man, you good and well Namco takes about 4-5 years before they put out another Tekken. But hopefully they do put out a new Tekken Tag for the time being,shit they can just add a tag mode to Tekken 6 and VenoM362 would be cool with that.

        I’m just saying…

      • chemicalRed says:

        Yeah; Theyd just have to add a little bit to T6 and include a Tag option.. They’d also have to scrap Scenario mode and update the online.. And bring Tekken Ball back :)

      • VenoM362 says:

        Tekken Ball!!! LOL!!!
        VenoM362 was the King of Tekken Ball,they should bring it back.

  4. PhantomJ says:

    Wow, cool. Too bad I just quit videogames…

  5. AssassinX21 says:

    If this one isn’t broken and the characters are rebalanced. Sure.

  6. Blind Ghost says:

    uuh say what ??

  7. Blind Ghost says:

    ya MVC 2 is broken, i agree, but its fun as hell to play, layering supers man that shit is bad ass.

  8. VenoM362 says:

    Call this The Miz cause this is AAWWWEESSSOOMMMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!

    I hear its gonna have only 30 characters though. I hope they put in some DMC people Dante,Lady,Vergil and more Street Fighter characters. On the Marvel side Deadpool,Silver Surfer,Thor,Blade,Green Goblin,Pheonix,Apocalypse and maybe some of the Fantasic Four atleast Human Torch. I hope they keep my boys Gambit,Venom and Cable in it too. I do hope this one isn’t so broken,but I’ll play it anyways I grew up liking these characters. We got a whole year to wait so theres no need to jizz your pants yet people,but this awesome news. This feel good man, fighters are really making a comeback!

  9. tekkenlover says:

    sice i am hardcore resident evil fan as well i also hope they put wesker beside chris redfield, cuz wesker elbow puch it’s always amazing. please include wesker capcom

  10. tekkenlover says:

    oh and also dont forget jack krauser

  11. Graphics look good is it coming to pc?

  12. DIGGS-86 says:

    FUCKING YAY!!!!!!!!!

  13. mahmood says:

    ummmm… ok

  14. CeaserDeebo says:

    I hope this is gonna be more than just a psn game , im really looking forward to this. Capcom have been refreshing us with new street fighter games consistantly, I hope Namco take note.

  15. farhan says:

    blak nigga poo

  16. Pepeng Agimat says:

    its time for me to quit tekken once SSF4 & MvC3 comes out…i can improve my skills thru online versus mode, but in tekken? I already give up because of their netcode

  17. Zooop says:

    Is it seriously going to look like that? I hope this is just for the trailer.

  18. farhan says:

    capcomski sex

  19. farhan says:

    hello capcom hairy penis

  20. farhan says:

    capcom drugs il buy them 4 u

  21. tekkenlover says:

    farhan are u f#@king insane , wtf is wrong with u,if u want to come out of closet do it some place else someplace else, u disgusting crazy psycho

  22. farhan says:

    capcom closet drugs il get them free 4 you

  23. randy says:

    i luv you tekken im gona die with you

  24. tina says:

    any niggaz round i need a big black rangatang cock

  25. Blaze says:

    im sorry people like this 2d garbage. might try it once its at a a reasonable 2d game price….no 2d game is worth more than 20 bucks

    • imwithhim says:

      lol yea. i laugh at all the 2d players at tourneys. the 3d crowd is always much more sophisticated

    • VenoM362 says:

      I do agree with you on the price issue. Thats why VenoM362 never got Blaze Blue, can’t and won’t pay $60 for a game that doesn’t use a game system’s full power and only has 15 characters. Tekken 6 has 40 characters,looks amazing, and has much more detailed gameplay. Tekken is $60 for all of that,and Blaze Blue is $60 too? That’s a joke to VenoM362. Atleast SSF4 is only $40,for 35 characters and more online features that’s not bad.

      Now don’t hate on VenoM362 cause he is getting SSF4 and MVC3 when it comes out. Like I said before, I grew up reading marvel comics and playing video games (Street Fighter being one of the main ones along with Tekken and Mortal Kombat)so these games are part of what made VenoM362 your favorite asshole. Put it like this Street Fighter: The Godfather of all Fighting Games.
      Tekken: The Master and Ruler of all Fighting Games.

      You can agree or disagree,VenoM362 really don’t care…

      I’m just saying…

  26. iluvtekken says:

    tekken 4 life sf and capcom are broken and distorted ,repetitve and boring and randy i agree with you i will have tekken with me when im in my grave god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. tekkenlover says:

    farhan/ balze/ tina/ iamwitghim dont u have any thing better to do except constantly changing ur name

  28. iluvtekken says:

    tekken the godfather of fighting games sf are thanking tekken for wot they have done even the sf producer himself said that we couldnt do wot tekken has done to the fighting game genre its all bout tekken once ssf4 is out it wont have the lifespan that tekken has, seeing boring ultra combos over and over and over again and 10 moves how boring it wont have the feel of tekken and tekken you learn new things every day you sleep thinking of mixups,strategies and combos and etc in the end its all about tekken

  29. Blind Ghost says:



  30. Nando says:

    Lols at the butthurt.

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