<4H> Team Champs VS. MLG Orlando Team Champs

Team <4H> (Fab, GM, the real law) wasn’t able to attend the MLG Orlando 3v3 Tekken 6 tournament, however, they arranged an exhibition match between them and that competition’s best team featuring Rain, insanelee and Holeman! Click below in order to watch with something extra for Smash Bros. Brawl fans!

8 Responses to <4H> Team Champs VS. MLG Orlando Team Champs

  1. crazytekkenlover says:

    man fab was a one man team in those vids. Good shit!

  2. whipwhop says:

    lol good shit fab i guess u know now not to throw ws+2,2 against the koreans x|

  3. crazy skip says:

    am i seeing this? fab is actually owning the koreans?

    ive only just watched the 1st video…

    GO FAB!

  4. tekkenlover says:

    damn fab, didnt know u are that much talented, oh man why in the world they didnt participate on 3 vs 3, if they had participated they would won the tournament for sure, oh well

  5. cappo says:

    theres also smash bro tournament?

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  7. friendricew/tekken says:

    lmao good poking on the miguel player ouch

  8. Blind Ghost says:

    I’m atually thinking of joining this MLG thing , im in TX so i dont kno wehen registrations start.

    ill give it a shot, im an OK raven player.

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