Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club Live Stream

Capcom, Sony and Level | Up Series are teaming up to bring us a Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club in Los Angeles to celebrate the upcoming release of the game. If you know that you won’t be able to attend the event, make sure to tune in to unity-events at on 23th April at 8PM! Our very own MarkMan will be giving Super Street Fighter IV Arcade TE “S” FightSticks to viewers on air! The event will feature commentary by James “JChensor” Chen and two world famous players: Daigo “The Beast” Umehara and Justin “Marvelous” Wong!

18 Responses to Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club Live Stream

  1. Blind Ghost says:

    fIRST !!!

  2. iluvtekken says:

    tekken please

  3. DrBhup666 says:

    Hey Markman! Can viewers abroad also win the stick as well??

  4. Heta Akira says:

    Got to be careful with the dates. This entry was posted today Friday 23 and is saying that tomorrow is the event. The event is Friday 23 8:00pm Pacific so it’s tonight.

    Heta Akira

    • Di says:

      Hm, Level|Up site posted on 23th that the event would take place “tomorrow”, however, it seems that the stream is up at the moment :/ Thanks for the clarification, the source was somehow confusing, I think…

  5. VenoM362 says:

    Daigo (Guile) vs Wong (Rufus)
    Best of 5 sets
    The final set
    The final round

    And the winner is….A Fucking Double KO!!!
    Thats some ill shit right there.

    Venom362 is happy to hear they cut the charge time for Guile down,I enjoy playing Guile, I hope they did the same for my favorite Street Fighter Character,Vega.
    That’s right, VenoM362’s favorite Street Fighter character is Vega!!! You gonna hate on VenoM362 cause of that? Like he gives a shit.

    I’m just saying…

  6. iluvtekken says:

    fuk you venom you are a true tekken player haha you fucked up on tekken you gna lose your skill on tekken hahaha what a pity

    • VenoM362 says:

      “Fuk” VenoM362?!…Nah, FUCK YOU iluvtekken. Didn’t you read my post? VenoM362 don’t give two shits what you think of him, Tekken is my favorite fighting game but it is not the only one I play, you understand? I guess your the type that plays Tekken in your basement ALL DAY right? You only stop playing Tekken to eat,piss,shit,and beat off huh? Well iluvtekken,VenoM362 hates to break this to you but most of us here do something else besides play Tekken all day, its called having a life. You know what that is? We have friends,families,girl friends and shit. Do you got friends(and I’m not talking about the Tekken cast either)? Anyways,you can grow up and get a life or keep the hate up, VenoM362 just don’t give a fuck.

      You ain’t nobody to VenoM362.

      I’m just saying…

  7. Heta Akira says:

    Well VenomM362 you will be happy to know that this time around Vega could be your main. My friend BigJoe gave him a deep test and he told me that he was a lot better that vanilla Vega.

    I guess that the only drawback is that the scream of Vega during his second Ultra, couldn’t be more gay. :)

    So enjoy your new and inproved Vega!!

    Heta Akira

    Please forgive my English if it’s not clear enough. My main language is spanish.

  8. iluvtekken says:

    every person here who calls them selves a so called true tekken player are going to mess up big time on tekken all skill will be lost over a cheap 10 move retarded game hahaha yes im well happy il be traning on tekken till i die its all bout tekken

  9. tekkenlover says:

    iluvetekken/ ryan/glen/farhan , hey listen u worthless pig. i play tekken and sf4 many people who like both games, and play other fighthing games in general. plz just drop dead with the rest of ur pitiful family.

  10. iluvtekken says:

    haha then youre a fuking retard get a life then you bunch of slags take up eatin burgers serious like my man bob, bob is a true example of an true american fat and stupid and when you drank your shit it will be enough for you to wank over ssf4

  11. Blind Ghost says:

    I think im the most Flavored Gmer here Even more so than MARKMAN.


    I’AM THE FUCKING KING OF FIGHTERS. nobody here gots shit on me.

  12. Jamie Hillo says:

    haha, I actually purchased the Fight Club t-shirts, you would have to…! I completely love fight club!

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