V.G.A. Tournament Results And Videos

Since Rain and Holeman enjoy their trip to USA as much as possible, they couldn’t have missed Video Game Alliance tournament that took place last Thursday! Check out the rest of the entry for the results and videos featuring Rain’s Leo a lot of people have been looking forward to.


1st – Rain [South Korea]
2nd – Holeman [South Korea]
3rd – GM
4th – The Game
5th – Mojo
5th – Blood Hawk
7th – DevilHimSelf
7th – Achillez


Visit Sorrow00VGA’s channel for more matches.


9 thoughts on “V.G.A. Tournament Results And Videos

  1. The game got 4th, man i remember when that video showed up of him getting beat by crows girlfriend HAHAHA oh man i wish i had a link to that video.

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