TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Group C Videos!

What do Tekken players do the whole week? Wait for new Tekken CRASH videos! This week’s matches of season 4 group C including INFINITY, Pepper, Triple Ace and 마 녀삼총사 are up! Check out the vids down below!

6 Responses to TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Group C Videos!

  1. Di says:

    I’ll update this entry when new videos will be uploaded.

    • chemicalRed says:

      Thanks for the update .. Can’t wait to check it out.
      I noticed that Crash starts from Season 2 in the T6 section here. I know its because they played T6 and not T6BR , but I think a lot of us still wouldn’t mind watching Season 1..Many of us never had the opportunity to play the original T6 so we’d at least like to watch it be played.

  2. asif9playboy says:

    very nice match

  3. iluvtekken says:

    thers more matches than this anyways sin them ages ago

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