V.G.A. Interview With Rain, Holeman And GM

A great video interview with top 3 players recorded after the Video Game Alliance tournament has been published. Check out the rest of the entry for this interview featuring two Koreans: Rain and Holeman, as well the best American Lee player, GM!


14 thoughts on “V.G.A. Interview With Rain, Holeman And GM

      1. You’d be suprised at the amount of English many of the younger South Koreans really know. Many of them don’t use English around Americans in ROK because some are afraid of being ridiculed. I used to talk to some of the Katusas and ROK army guys in Korea.

  1. wish he could have ask who is the best tekken player and i think Korea still be pwnng in fps rts rpg they have shows all of them in tv. maybe if us players will stop being greedy.someday in 10 yrs no need to goto arcades

  2. RAin is my favorite TEKKEN player that was a good interview. I think that we could learn from them and they can learn from us culture wise to.

  3. Good interview… And surprised by the english of Rain… But with so many visits to the US i think that’s the best way to learn it.

  4. VenoM362 likes all three of these players,they have great character taste. VenoM362 plays all the characters they play, except Bruce I believe. I only care to watch Players that use characters I use. I like to see if they use any of the same techniques as me or if they have any techniques I should pick up on.

    Oh yeah,the camera didn’t have a light on it?They couldn’t find some source of light anywhere, a cell phone,flashlight,anything?

    LOL at the dude at the end of the interview.

    I’m just saying…

  5. Well its quite correct that US is much better than any other country in FPS,i am a former CS player from India. In India they are following US in like FPS ,Racing and Sports games like FIFA etc. but no Tekken yet.There are many Tekken players here but they dont get any platform or tournament to play in.

  6. Honestly, its about how much time and effort you put into a game..

    The US is pro with FPS because you can play those online (with a lot of players) being the game that isnt as lag sensitive as fighting games are

    in due time should the US have some sort of ‘gaming center’ where everyone plays.. or if tekken becomes lagless online (longshot tho) then maybe by then they could compete at korean or jap level

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