Berlin Tekken Clash III Results!

The third Berlin Tekken Clash tournament took place last Saturday. Players from various European countries came to Berlin to participate in a Tekken 6 tournament. Who came out victorious? Read the rest of the entry to find out.

1st – Gajda (Poland) – Lars
2nd – Sephiblack (Germany) – Miguel
3rd – PolishPanda aka Di (Poland) – Panda
4rd – Philipp (Germany) – Law
5th – Ceb (Germany) – Heihachi
5th – Boskon (Poland) – Nina
7th – Sonik (Germany) – Julia
7th – IronJin (Germany) – Steve

top 4 players: Philipp (4th), Di (3rd), Gajda (1st), Sephiblack (2nd)
more photos can be found at TekkenTreff

Eventhough lots of European who signed in didn’t show up, Berlin Tekken Clash III was great. Erdalista did an awesome job organising the event. I enjoyed playing against and talking to many skilled players – Erdalista, SabreDabre, Sephiblack, Enheas and Gajda to name the few.

For videos, visit the two following YouTube channels:

The Polish TVN TV station employees came to Berlin to record some videos for the new episode of “Zielone Drzwi” program with Adam “Gajda” Gajda, arguably the current best Lars player in Europe being this episode’s main person. Gajda, in fact, is a phenomenon – not because he is so skilled but because he’s been handicaped ever since he was born. He’s got no fingers on his left hand and only two on his right what does not prevent him from being an exceptional Tekken player with a great movement and execution (he had been playing Mishimas until the console version of Tekken 6 was released). The show will be broadcasted somewhere in June and we’ll do our best to make it possible to add English subtitles.

Moreover, you’ll be able to choose Gajda in our upcoming poll as the next person who will be interviewed by SDTEKKEN.COM!


35 Responses to Berlin Tekken Clash III Results!

  1. Di says:

    In the group phase I lost against SephiBlack’s Miguel and managed to win the rest of the matches, advancing to DE from the 2nd place. In the Winners Bracket I faced 3 Chreddy’s in a row (Adamyte, Enheas and Erdalista) and was victorious in those matches. In the WB semi-final I met SephiBlack and after a very close match I managed to win in the last round. Winners Bracket Final was a Polish match because my opponent was Gajda. At 4:4 in fights and 2:2 in rounds Gajda won the last round and sent me to Losers Bracket Finals where SephiBlack let me to win only 1 fight.

    That was, however, Gajda’s day. He had been unbeatable until the Grand Finals and he kept the winning streak with a 5:2 victory over the great German Miguel player.

  2. 4D4M_BTT says:

    Sonik was palying with julia ^^

  3. Colin says:

    Congrats Di! Good to see Kuma/Panda going well and what exactly were the prizes?

    Wow Gajda placing first with a major disability, idk how he used to use Mishimas but that’s amazing, and does he use stick or pad?

    • Di says:

      Cash prizes weren’t high because many people didn’t show up. 40 euros for the 3rd place, 70 for the 2nd, 150 for the 1st. Cups for the top 3, diplomas for the top 4. A Tekken towel (?) for the 4th place.

      As for Gajda… words would be hard to describe it, I think. I’ve known him for a few years and I’m telling you that he’s amazing. From what I’ve heard, he can also play well using an arcade stick, however, I haven’t yet seen him doing so.

  4. cappox says:

    sephiblack i remember him playing online before the patch

  5. Guc says:

    Congrats to all : )

    Sorry for asking but “Boskon” is the one, who was in the “Mashter & Boskon” duo in the past?

    • Di says:

      Yes. Mashter was participating as well.

      • Guc says:

        I didnt hear a word about them since T5DR. They were my fav combo artists, thats why Im kinda surprised.

        Thank you for your reply : )

      • DrBhup666 says:

        Congrats with the third place, man!
        Using Panda and still placing so high shows how good of a plyer you really are!

        This also shows that there are no shitty characters in Tekken 6, only shitty players!

        Everyone can win with every character! End of discussion! It is your skill that desides how good you are, not the frame-advantage or whatever a character has!

  6. Blind Ghost says:

    Using panda and placing first is a Surprise ???

    Dude Panda and Kuma are 2 of the most Overpowerd characters in the roster, and thats with bryan and Paul included.

    not only that bu the heigh they have ver most characters gives them a Huge advantage.

    • Di says:

      From what I know both Nin and Knee say that Kuma/Panda is one of the worst characters in Bloodline Rebellion but I guess this isn’t a good place for tier discussions…

      • Blind Ghost says:

        nope, tiers are B.S, you can win with anyone if you know how to use your character, but having Kuma is a Huge advantage though. ive played a lot of kuma players online.

        and they use the height and power to their advantage.

  7. tekkenlover says:

    di congrats. alright bro i honestly didnt know you are this much talented, respect. i saw some of the gameplays of sephieblack, he plays on ps3. he is a monster with his miguel. if u managed to win against him, it shows how much talented you are. u should come here to participate for the next MLG.

    • Di says:

      I lost twice against him (0:2 in group and 1:5 in the LB final) and won once 3:2 (WB semi-final) in a very close match.

      Honestly, I’m actually not really talented… rather lucky. Not trying to be modest or something, I’m just saying how it is.

  8. TCO-TheOne says:

    Congrets Di i did’nt know you played TEKKEN like that who else do you use and do you play with stick or pad.

    • Di says:

      I’m actually looking for a solid secondary character at the moment. I’m using a PSX non-analog pad.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        hmmmmm how about… Kuma LOL.

        Take your time picking one, it took me a while to pick my second character, i just recently picked up my third character.

        i was playing with Raven since T5, in DR i picked up dragunov and just 2 days ago i decided to pick up Feng wei in T6.

  9. tekkenlover says:

    di either use lars or law for secondary character, both of them are top tier as u know.

  10. VenoM362 says:

    VenoM362 just noticed dude ain’t got no hands! Seriously,how did he win a Tekken tournament. Does he have any fingers at all? How can he play a pad with no thumbs? How can he move or attack, let alone do juggles or combos? VenoM362 wants to see video of this.

    I’m just saying…

  11. Colin says:

    Although Di has mentioned that this is not the place for tier discussions. I just want to state once and for all that tiers are not BS.

    You really think Kuma/Panda has mix-ups/speed equal to law or steve. People use them way more often because they are better characters hence MUCH easier to beat opponents.

    I’ve seen the best kuma in korea called hankuma play, his good but would do much better in Tekken crash with a faster character. And i reckon Di would have won this tournament with any tourny worthy character.

    And Knee and nin stating that kuma/panda is low-tier compared with your high-tier? Gee, i wonder who i’m going to believe.

    Sorry to flame you, but u should really stop posting here as your stupidity pisses everyone off, period.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Korean already proved, that tiers dont mean jack shit.

      They came to the U.S and whoope on everybody with just about every character on the roster.

      Miguel, Dragunov, There was Yuui in the Global championchip with Feng Wei he placed 2nd.

      All that talk about bryan this and bryan that and steve this and steve that, completly went out the window wit the global championchip.

      did you forgtet the Jack-6 User in that global championchip and how he easily took care of MR. naps and naps was Playing Bryan.

      This isnt street fighter ” COLIN” no match ups here buddy.

      You either know your character very well or you dont. If you do you can win.

      The ones that Pick them often are just wanna bees, they dont have a mind of their own, they just go by somene elses standards.

      Only in tekken i can honestly say you can play who you like and win.

      Its not the character Buddy, its the time you put in.

      and all those guy that pick characters just because so and so won with him or they see many playing him they wont get far in TEKKEN.

      play who you like. and thats a FACT.

      • VenoM362 says:

        VenoM362 hates people who use characters just because of there “tier” or because a top korean player uses them. “Oh snap, Knee uses Bryan. I guess I should pick him up.” or ” Damn, Nin is a beast with Steve. I guess I should pick him up.” You know when VenoM362 picked up Bryan? When I unlocked him on Tekken 3 and I picked up Steve before Tekken 4 hit the PS2. My favorite korean players are Mad Dog Jin, Knee, Navee and Jinkid ( both are Raven players). But you know what VenoM362 was using Hwoarang, Bryan and Raven WAY BEFORE he even heard of any korean players or tiers. People who use characters cause of tiers or cause so and so uses them are tier-whores and dick riders.

        I’m just saying…

  12. Blind Ghost says:

    Di got to the top three because he knows how to use Kuma/Panda.

    To further prove my point to you ,look at Gajda, he doesnt have any hands. no HANDS. that is a huge disability, and he came in first.

    care to set tiers with Humans ??? colin ? eveyrone has hands he doesnt and HE STILL CAME IN FIRST.

    in this life You can do anythign you put your mind to.

    In tekken You can win with who ever you want to.

    Tiers are B.S in TEKKEN maybe in SFIV they arnt, and the ones that are still following them in TEKKEN are seriously fooling themselves.

  13. Colin says:

    Seems like you didn’t even read my post.If Koreans chose a top tier character then they’d completely dominate the Americans.

    MDJ used to dominate with his Steve, then changed to HWO for fun. He has stated that “Crown will go to younger players”, although he has completely mastered him.

  14. Blind Ghost says:

    Ummm they did dominate man, the only tourny they recently lost at was MLG in orlando, and even that i think they wernt even trying.

    Nin and Knee, dominated here and in europe plenty, with Miguel , Steve, Bruce, Dragunov. seriously man just give it up its a lost cause.

    Tiers dont matter in tekken, it isnt a matter of agree to disagree, your just wrong…period.

    in the U.S they use to talk about how bryan has the 6 + frame off his knee taunt. so that makes him top tier.

    there were like 15 bryans at just about every tourny.

    Then rain came and tongball came, and showed them how it was done, with miguel and bruce and dragunov and so on and so on.

    …wait now im sure your gonna switch it up and say that Miguel and Bruce are top tiers too right ??

    what about Yuu in the global tournament ?? he used feng way and got to the finals and GDR or whatever that 12 year old kid from Korea, in the Global tourny, he used a Mishima, Is he top tier character too ??

    Take that Archaic Mentality to SFIV man, we dont need that kind of thinking here, if anything were trying to abolish it and get american players to start using everyone in T6.

    and not focus one 3 out of a 35 + character roster

    Its People like you with that kind of Idiotic thinking that setting fighting game Backwards and keeping them from advancing because you set limits…limits that dont even exist to begin with !!!.

    I suppose If Di lost its because He was Using Panda right ?? But he won, Because he know what he was doing.

    Tekken doesnt have tiers. I read your Post and your post is pointless.

    T6 is the Most balanced fighter Out there Hands down.

    Why dont you go look up SSFIV and how players started Abusing Cody , and Dudly.

    There you can talk about tiers all you want. cause ya, there plenty of cheap characters with unblockable Combos.

    ” THSI IS IRON FIST !!! “

  15. Colin says:

    Your grammar is equal to an uneducated 10 yr old, and not to mention your maturity. And you are such an IDIOT. Why are you comparing Americans to Koreans? They are on completely different levels. Miguel and Bruce are touny worthy, and who uses Dragunov? Well Rain used him once in a blue moon.

    Oh, just one more question. Why do you keep coming here when you are disrespected, hated a “insert swear word”. Oh that’s right, you would get flamed ten times as much, if you posted in TZ. Considering all the US Tekken veterans who post there agree with me.

    Never argue with an idiot, Blind G will get you down to his level and beat you with experience.

    Once and for all, TIERS matter. However, skill is more important.

    End of debate and end of communication between us two forever :)

  16. Colin says:

    Oh and one more thing. It’s only at top-level play where tiers really matter. Happy?

  17. MireC says:

    I`ve played Gajda personally in the old TK5.0/DR days and I liked his gameplay much more. What he does in the matches against Di`s Panda is juggle starters all day long. No creativity, boring as hell.
    to Di – isnt uf+4 at least jab punishable and uf+3 juggle punishable ? Seems like you dont have too much exp against Lars players.

    • Di says:

      u/f+4 is -9 so no punishment here :(
      u/f+3 is -21 but punishing it is tricky* because you have to attack while he’s still very high in the air. I was a little bit too tired and played braindead (that’s why I hated how I played). I punished u/f+3 with BTP only a few times, unfortunately.

      * – the other tricky thing is the angle. You cannot use any launcher to punish it even if framewise it’s ok. Take Paul’s d/f+2 as an example – if you try to punish Lars’ u/f+3 with it as soon as possible, it whiffs. You have to delay it a little which may be hard, however, b+4 seems consistent from what I’ve tested. Bruce has a similar problem – either delay his u/f+4 or do dash (6f at maximum) into hopkick.

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