High Quality nStarGame Videos!

If you’re looking for Korean matches other than the Tekken Crash videos you can’t miss the high quality nStarGame Tekken 6 footage running at 60FPS with some of the greatest Korean heads featured! Apart from their own videos this Korean’s TV show Tekken 6 video archive contains other fights, including Tekken 6 Global Championship preliminaries! Click below to get the links and remember to bookmark the site!

Special thanks to Maxi Milian and Soyongdori (the famous Korean Devil Jin player) for the heads up!

7 Responses to High Quality nStarGame Videos!

  1. Di says:

    We’ve already posted the 2010 final videos however, this time you can enjoy watching them in such a good quality…!

  2. Guc says:

    Is there any way to download this videos? My browser cant open them.

  3. imlinked says:

    holeman is such a beast…

    anyways, this league isn’t as exciting.

    no crash girls, no tekken!

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