Midwest Championship 2010 Results

Midwest Championship 2010 was definitely a MAJOR fighting game event with over 300 contestants participating in 17 tournaments! Since the Chicago event was announced as an Evo qualifying tournament, the winner, Ariel “GM” Capellan and the runner-up, Matt “Mateo” Galvan will join this year’s Tekken 6 Evolution finals in Las Vegas early July. Click below for the results.

1st – Ariel “GM” Capellan
2nd – Matt “Mateo” Galvan
3rd – William “The Realyst” Matthews
4th – Reggie “Mr. Delicious” Upshow
5th – Antonio Carmona, Paul “P.J.” Irving
7th – Derek “Tick” Tikkuri, Juan “Real Law”Zerbarin

Visit Tonamento.com for the full results of all the tournaments!


6 Responses to Midwest Championship 2010 Results

  1. judging by the names who assisted, that tournament had alot of high level matches.:O

  2. lol First again???

  3. ewgf says:

    Sup Markman, I’m the random asian kid that said what’s up and wanted to shake your hand at MWC. Good to see the midwest getting some love from ppl like you and Valle.

  4. aaieee says:

    It would’ve been nice to see some T6 on the stream, considering it had the second most (or third if you count the mystery game) entrants with 51.

    I mean, Battle Fantasia (7), CvS2 (10), TvC (30) and HD Remix (40) were all on the stream.

    There’s a lot of talk about the community on these streams and how they should all support each other despite playing different games, so why is the T6 community not getting any love?

  5. Tick says:

    The set-up at the tournament made it very difficult to get T6 on the stream. The SSFIV tourney, which started 6 hours earlier, was still going on well past the T6 finals so they would have had to interrupt the later rounds of SSFIV for us. Not to mention we were all along the back wall while the stream was set up closer to the front door.

    I would have liked to have seen an effort made to do that but the place was jam-packed, I think the organizers did a good job considering what they were dealing with.

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