Tekken 6 Tournament Schedule

The upcoming months are going to be great for Tekken 6 fans thanks to lots of competitions coming, including MLG Columbus, Devastation, Evolution and SUPERVSBATTLE 20-X! Get ready for the next battle! Check the list of events in the rest of the entry!

16 Responses to Tekken 6 Tournament Schedule

  1. Mundo says:

    I’m surprised nothing else from Cali is on this list, although with Devastation and Evo on there already, that’s not too suprising (or even necessary, I guess).

  2. iloveyourmom says:

    NorCal has SuperNorCal Reginals on May 29th-30th


  3. renikon says:

    You’ve also got East Coast Throwdown on May 22nd.


  4. Di says:

    Thanks to both of you, I’ll add them :)

  5. fightinggm says:

    you missed GVN summer jam in philly and east coast throwdown 2 in new jersey

  6. Kakitajamie says:


    Battle for the South II – New Orleans, LA. – Aug. 7

  7. marwan says:

    oh man no 1 in egypt :(

  8. Mystic says:

    Wonder if im banned from SNCR :<

  9. Rev says:

    Super Vs Battle is on the 20th-22nd of August. Not 28th – 30th.

  10. Mad.Influence says:

    Only 2 East Coast Tourneys?? Dirty Jersey and Philly?? Nothing in FL or NC/SC???

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