Kane’s Lili Combo Video Part 4!

After a long break Kane is back with the 4th installment of his Tekken 6 Lili Combo Video! What has the best American Lili player come up with? Find it out watching his newest video down below.

5 Responses to Kane’s Lili Combo Video Part 4!

  1. VenoM362 says:

    Kane always makes top notch videos,but this one seemed kinda short.
    I’m just saying…

    • Di says:

      “well, at it again … except this is really my last one … really out of ideas for normal-style juggles haha. I never really planned for another combo vid, but I had a couple new ideas I wanted to show, so … that’s usually how it happens.

      I’m not trying to out-do any other combo videos … I just like doing interesting juggles ha.” – this is what is written in the video description.

  2. DrBhup666 says:

    Kane always makes great combo-videos. I mean not only the combos but the music and the video-quality is also top-motch! That is important!

    His Lili combo vidoes should be followed as an example of how to make good videos. And the videos by tekkenzaibatsu Jack-6 comminty should be followed as an example how NOT to make combo-videos.
    Just look at it. It has horrible music, the picture is fading in and out, it is suddenly in black and white and suddenly it’s all read. Horrible horrible video! Shame on you, whoever made that crime of nature!

    Back to the topic. I’m a Lili player and Kane produce great combos. The combos are difficult but not impossible! They are not all sitautional or have wierd angles so they can be done with practice by everyone! That’s a good thing!

    There is another Lili combovideo out there by golden-egg or something and it has really difficult combos. But htey are very situational and very flashy. Lili is a flashy character and one of the easiest and strongest in Tekken 6 IMO.

  3. Suiken!! says:

    gah the worst lili ever….

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